USA Network’s founder brings video to Third World

Kay kay koplovitzKoplovitz has already made her mark on the cable television scene twice over, but now the founder of the USA and SyFy networks has her eyes on a new prize: globalization.

Beaming video to the technologically-advanced parts of the world is one thing, she noted. But there are wide swaths of the planet missing out on the current content revolution.


Will Kinect replace your TV’s remote control?

As Microsoft gets people used to the idea of controlling their Xbox 360 with Kinect, its hot selling motion sensor peripheral, the company behind that technology is aiming at a bigger market.

PrimeSense Ltd, which built the technology behind Kinect, says it expects at least one U.S. cable company to release a product this year allowing subscribers to change channels, access video on demand and more through hand gestures.

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Set-top boxes challenge cable

Could the set-top box kill cable?

It’s hard to turn the corner these days without someone thrusting a new gadget for your television at you. Apple and Google are among the more familiar names exploring the space, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The arena also includes aspirants such as Roku, Boxee, Seagate, Asus and Western Digital. And the three major vidgame consoles are already delivering content.

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