Dish lets subscribers skip the Big Game, watch the commercials

Dish Dish NetworkNetwork has made a name for itself in the cable and satellite industry with technology that lets customers completely skip commercials. For this weekend’s Super Bowl, though, it’s letting them skip the game.

The company has announced a new temporary feature called “Reverse AutoHop” that will let subscribers who record the game avoid all of the boring touchdowns and interceptions and focus on the real topic of Monday morning quarterbacks: The ads.


Meet the winners and losers of this year’s CES

There US-LIFESTYLE- IT-ELECTRONICS-CESare more than 3,600 exhibitors showing their wares at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show — so standing out from the crowd can be quite a chore.

But a few companies have managed to rise above the fray this year, while a few others have earned time in a much less positive spotlight.

Here’s who stood out for better or worse at this year’s show.

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The Company That Wants to Drag TV Into the Future

The 100563980-Aereo-youtube.240x160television industry has never been one to warmly embrace change. Just ask the pioneers of the VCR and DVR business.

But as America becomes a country of second (and sometimes third) screens, broadcasters, cable and satellite companies are being forced to rethink how they interact with customers. With so much competition for people’s time and attention, good programming is no longer enough to turn heads.


CES: Dish previews new HD DVRs

Dish Network is counting on a couple of kangaroos to kick off a new era for its business.

The satellite company unveiled a pair of new flagship set-top boxes dubbed Hopper and Joey at its annual CES press conference on Monday, as well as a new faster broadband satellite Internet service. The new multi-room HD DVR combo will also be part of a new corporate identity.

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Report: Dish Network targeting Netflix

Looks like Dish Network could be looking to tackle Netflix on its own turf – and it’s bringing a surprise player to the game.

Bloomberg reports the satellite service plans to offer a standalone subscription streaming service that will capitalize on the Blockbuster brand. And, to rub salt in Netflix’s wounds: It might include titles from Starz.

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