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Dish lets subscribers skip the Big Game, watch the commercials

Dish Network has made a name for itself in the cable and satellite industry with technology that lets customers completely skip commercials. For this weekend’s Super Bowl, though, it’s letting them skip the… Continue reading

Madden prediction correctly picks Super Bowl XLVII spread, MVP

Okay, EA, this is getting a little bit creepy. The Madden franchise added to its impressive Super Bowl prediction track record by not only correctly picking the Ravens over the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII,… Continue reading

‘Draw Something’ TV show is in the works

Doodling on your iPhone could lead to big money and big prizes. CBS is developing a primetime game show based on Zynga’s popular Draw Something app. The network won a bidding war for the rights… Continue reading

‘Madden 12′ nails Super Bowl XLVI prediction

Next time you’re about to bet on a football game, run a simulation on the latest version of EA’s Madden franchise first. You might make a bundle. The reigning football video game champ… Continue reading

Tech tips for Super Bowl parties

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a Giants fan or a Patriots fan when it comes to this week’s Super Bowl. Heck, if you’re a dedicated geek, you don’t even have to like… Continue reading

How accurate are Madden’s Super Bowl predictions?

While Electronic Arts has never let a good PR opportunity slip past, it might be a mistake to dismiss the company’s annual Super Bowl predictions. Gamasutra’s Chris Morris takes a look at Madden’s past… Continue reading

In Videogames, Even Football Isn’t Without Controversy

While football is a pretty family-friendly sport, it’s not always benign in the videogame world. The NFL has been a part of the landscape for about as long as videogames have been around… Continue reading

10 Timeless Football Video Games

There aren’t many video games upon which the mass market consumer and core gamer can agree, but when it comes to football, there’s plenty of love on both sides. Madden (based on legendary… Continue reading

What an NFL Lockout Could Mean for ‘Madden’ Maker EA

As the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers clean out their lockers and the nation debates which Super Bowl commercial was the best, there’s a big cloud hanging over the 2011-2012 NFL season. A… Continue reading