Dish lets subscribers skip the Big Game, watch the commercials

Dish Dish NetworkNetwork has made a name for itself in the cable and satellite industry with technology that lets customers completely skip commercials. For this weekend’s Super Bowl, though, it’s letting them skip the game.

The company has announced a new temporary feature called “Reverse AutoHop” that will let subscribers who record the game avoid all of the boring touchdowns and interceptions and focus on the real topic of Monday morning quarterbacks: The ads.


‘Draw Something’ TV show is in the works

Doodling on your iPhone could lead to big money and big prizes.

CBS is developing a primetime game show based on Zynga’s popular Draw Something app. The network won a bidding war for the rights to the game and is reportedly fast-tracking the show as a possible mid-season replacement to step in when one of its new series ultimately fails.

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‘Madden 12′ nails Super Bowl XLVI prediction

Next time you’re about to bet on a football game, run a simulation on the latest version of EA’s Madden franchise first. You might make a bundle.

The reigning football video game champ accurately called the winner of Super Bowl XLVI two days before the game — and was pretty close on the point spread, to boot.

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Tech tips for Super Bowl parties

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a Giants fan or a Patriots fan when it comes to this week’s Super Bowl. Heck, if you’re a dedicated geek, you don’t even have to like football at all to throw a good shindig.

The big game is often secondary at Super Bowl parties. Instead, the event marks the informal end to those insane New Year Resolutions and offer a chance to show off some of your latest and greatest tech gadgets.

If you’re planning on hosting this year’s bash, here are a few essentials that will ensure your man cave is the go-to destination for all future sports-related parties.

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How accurate are Madden’s Super Bowl predictions?

While Electronic Arts has never let a good PR opportunity slip past, it might be a mistake to dismiss the company’s annual Super Bowl predictions. Gamasutra’s Chris Morris takes a look at Madden’s past results.

While Electronic Arts has never let a good PR opportunity slip past, it might be a mistake to dismiss the company’s annual Super Bowl predictions.

While the Madden prognostications are certainly a final attempt to move software before interest in the football category falls off a cliff until August, the game is eerily accurate when it comes to determining the winner of the big game.

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In Videogames, Even Football Isn’t Without Controversy

While football is a pretty family-friendly sport, it’s not always benign in the videogame world.

The NFL has been a part of the landscape for about as long as videogames have been around — and anything with such longevity tends to ruffle some feathers among both players and publishers.


10 Timeless Football Video Games

There aren’t many video games upon which the mass market consumer and core gamer can agree, but when it comes to football, there’s plenty of love on both sides.

Madden (based on legendary coach and broadcaster John Madden) is the undisputed king of the video game football hill, but there are plenty of other titles that have captivated players throughout the years. Most of them are no longer around, due to industry consolidation, licensing deals or pure bad luck. But each of them can still bring a smile to the face of virtual gridiron fans.


What an NFL Lockout Could Mean for ‘Madden’ Maker EA

As the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers clean out their lockers and the nation debates which Super Bowl commercial was the best, there’s a big cloud hanging over the 2011-2012 NFL season.

A work stoppage is looking increasingly likely — and the effects of that could reach far beyond the gridiron. One company that’s undoubtedly monitoring the situation closely is Electronic Arts.