E3 2014 — What to expect from the biggest players in gaming

E3 E3-what-to-expect2013 was laser-focused on hardware. This year, it’s time for the games to take center stage.

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hitting their stride, Sony and Microsoft will look to boost the momentum of their consoles at the big Los Angeles conference next week, showcasing an array of games intended to justify that shiny new console sitting under your TV. Nintendo, meanwhile, hopes to right the ship as it tries to re-engage lapsed fans with go-to favorites and a new Skylanders-like toy line.

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No ticket, no problem: Here’s how to attend E3 from home

The E3-from-homebiggest video game show of the year takes place June 9-12 in Los Angeles, but like most trade shows, E3 2014 is technically closed to the public. That’s never stopped people from trying to sneak their way into the Los Angeles Convention Center, but to be honest, that can be a real pain.

These days, however, you can experience a good chunk of the annual digital confab from the comfort of your living room — or a few nearby businesses. Here’s how.

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‘Tech bubble’ will be one debate at Code Conference

There’s code confgoing to be a lot of deja vu at this year’s Code Conference, put on by our partners at Re/code.

Anyone who attended the groundbreaking D: All Things Digital conferences over the past 11 years will recognize the high-powered lineup of senior executives. And the conversations about the impact of technology on our daily lives might seem familiar. But looming over this inaugural event is the shadow of another recognizable tech world presence: A possible bubble in tech valuations.

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Xbox One adding external storage support, real names

Microsoft X1-external supportis about to tackle one of the biggest problems with the Xbox One.

A June system update to Microsoft’s new console will enable support of external storage devices, alleviating fears that owners will have to delete games when the system’s somewhat paltry 500 GB hard drive fills up.

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Microsoft to sell Kinect-less Xbox One for $399 — the same price as the PS4

Microsoft XboxOne-NoKinnectis reversing course on the Xbox One — again.

The company has announced it will begin selling a version of its next-generation console — minus the somewhat controversial Kinect peripheral — for $399 starting June 9. The move is the latest in a series of surprising decisions Microsoft has made since its initial introduction of the system, as it had previously described Kinect as an essential part of the new Xbox experience.

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Researchers use Xbox One’s Kinect to help kids with cerebral palsy

If xbox-one-palsywe’re being honest with ourselves (and we should), Kinect for Xbox One has been something of a dud. The games integrating the motion-control tech have been so-so and the voice recognition is still noticeably lacking.

Scientists at Canada’s Bloorview Research Institute, though, might have found a way to make it an extraordinarily useful peripheral by using it to help kids with cerebral palsy regain lost motor function.The games being used, reports Polygon, were originally created for the Xbox 360’s Kinect. However, kids (being kids) found that they could use that system’s lack of precision tocheat. The original Kinect also couldn’t discern if a child was in a wheelchair.

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Microsoft reportedly considering Xbox 360 emulation on Xbox One

Both xbox-one-360Microsoft and Sony took some heat when they announced that neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 would be backwards compatible. Sony had a solution in its pocket, though, with its upcoming game streaming service,PlayStation Now. Microsoft was left a bit flat-footed.

But now, the company says it’s thinking about rolling out an emulator for Xbox One to let people play Xbox 360 games.

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