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Major retailers drop Xbox One price by $50

Microsoft may not want to lower the price of the Xbox One just yet, but that’s not stopping some of the world’s biggest retailers from doing it anyway. Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon… Continue reading

Why customer service at video game companies seems so bad

Every industry has its critics, but few are quite as vocal as an enraged video gamer whose game has just inexplicably stopped working—especially when a new console or game is involved. With consumer… Continue reading

Video game brain drain: Top execs leave industry

As the video game industry says goodbye to one generation of hardware, it’s also saying goodbye to a number of high-profile names. In the past several weeks, well-known, high-ranking executives at Microsoft’s Xbox division… Continue reading

Report details biggest problems with next generation consoles

Everyone’s a critic. And when the subject is next generation consoles, they’re especially ferocious. Sometimes that’s legitimate. Sometimes, it’s user error. (And sometimes, it’s an odd mix of both.) Fixya has dug through… Continue reading

Renowned Xbox gamer becomes the first to reach 1 million Achievement points

Achievement unlocked. It took eight years and three months, but insatiable gamer Raymond Cox has finally done what he set out to do: reach the unthinkable Xbox Live Gamerscore of 1 million. Cox,… Continue reading

Microsoft looks to ‘Titanfall’ to boost console sales

Sony may have gained an early lead in the battle of the next generation consoles, but Microsoft is launching its counteroffensive—and it’s a big one. “Titanfall,” a new game from the creators of the “Call of… Continue reading

Is the Xbox One in trouble?

Roughly three months after the Xbox One hit stores, its price was cut. On February 24, Microsoft lowered the retail price of its next generation console in the UK from £429.99 to £399.99, the equivalent… Continue reading

Microsoft buys Gears of War series

Marcus Fenix may not be done with his battle against the Locust. Microsoft has acquired the rights to the Gears of War series from creator and former franchise developer Epic Games, ensuring that the series… Continue reading

Microsoft could be in hot water over controversial Xbox One marketing deal

Microsoft and game video network Machinima are defending a recently discovered advertising arrangement between the companies, but experts say they could be facing extended trouble down the road. Word of the partnership came… Continue reading

Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One update will target social features

The Xbox One may have gotten out to a strong sales start, but there have been a few bumps along the way — especially with the system’s social features. Many of those problems could… Continue reading