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Xbox always-online: Maybe it’s not so terrible

Chris Morris explains that having a big company like Microsoft step up could make always-online more palatable for next-gen Will the next Xbox continue the reign of success Microsoft has seen this generation… Continue reading

Report: Microsoft to unveil the next Xbox in May

The wait to learn what Microsoft has in store for the next generation now has a countdown. The Verge reports that the company will hold an event on May 21 to reveal the new… Continue reading

Microsoft exec stirs up controversy with ‘always on’ Xbox Twitter tirade

Was it a hint at one of the new Xbox’s features? Was it a friendly argument that spun out of control? Either way, a tweet from a Microsoft bigwig has turned into a… Continue reading

5 things Sony and Microsoft can learn from the Wii U

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for Nintendo’s Wii U. It’s premature to call the system a flop, but it’s undoubtedly been a disappointment thus far. Nintendo’s new console system had a decent… Continue reading

5 video game features we could live without

Playing video games isn’t supposed to be upsetting. You might feel some competitive pressure during a harrowing multiplayer match or a difficult level might drive you a little crazy, but “angering consumers” isn’t… Continue reading

Report: Next Xbox coming by 2013 holiday season

Enjoy that time as the only next-generation console on the market, Wii U. The competition is coming sooner than you might think. Bloomberg reports Microsoft will release its next generation Xbox in time for… Continue reading

Xbox TV could soften the blow of an expensive Durango

Microsoft is rumored to be readying a low-cost “Xbox TV” console focused more on entertainment than games, but will the move confuse customers? Or will it ease the transition to a likely-expensive Durango?… Continue reading

Leaked ‘Xbox 720′ document alleges 2013 launch, augmented reality glasses and more

Microsoft left a lot of people hungry for details about its next-generation console system at this year’s E3. This past weekend, however, those people had plenty to chew on, courtesy of a leaked… Continue reading

PlayStation Orbis and Next Xbox: Why Used Games Aren’t Going Away

Veteran journalist Chris Morris tackles six reasons why the next-gen systems won’t kill used gaming There’s a lot of talk making the rounds these days about used games and the next generation. The… Continue reading

Opinion: Apple’s shadow looms over next generation consoles

As the industry devours any scraps of gossip about the next Xbox or PlayStation, Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris wonders if Microsoft and Sony are paying enough attention to Apple’s threat to the living… Continue reading