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Xbox TV could soften the blow of an expensive Durango

Microsoft is rumored to be readying a low-cost “Xbox TV” console focused more on entertainment than games, but will the move confuse customers? Or will it ease the transition to a likely-expensive Durango?… Continue reading

Microsoft considers bid for Yahoo

Microsoft, which tried unsuccessfully to acquire Yahoo in 2008, is thinking about making another run at the company. This time, though, a merger of the two companies could impact the entertainment landscape. To… Continue reading

TV networks, cable providers line up to appear on your Xbox

Microsoft’s plans to add television content to the Xbox 360 just took a major step forward. The company unveiled an extensive partner list Wednesday, announcing that nearly 40 global content providers will stream… Continue reading

Two New ‘Halo’ Games, Live TV, Coming to Xbox

Microsoft is intensifying its efforts to appeal to both core gamers and non-gamers, announcing two new titles in its blockbuster “Halo” franchise Monday and plans to integrate live television into the console. Starting this… Continue reading

E3 2011: Two new Halos, Live TV headed to Xbox

Microsoft is covering its bases at this year’s E3. The company, in its pre-show pres conference, announced a variety of new games and services, designed to appeal to everyone from core gamers to… Continue reading

Expect Microsoft to focus on more than games at E3

Granted, E3 is a video game trade show, but in between all the talk about Kinect and “Gears of War 3” at its pre-show press conference this year, expect Microsoft to have plenty… Continue reading

Behind The Scenes: Microsoft’s Attempt To Woo Conan O’Brien For Xbox Live

[In exclusive comments made to Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris, the executive producer of Conan O’Brien’s talk show discusses how Microsoft tried to woo the comedian to take his show onto Xbox Live –… Continue reading

Conan O’Brien’s flirtation with the Xbox 360

When Conan O’Brien and NBC parted ways in early 2010, the talk show host had a lot of suitors. Most were the usual suspects – Fox, Comedy Central, HBO… but when word leaked… Continue reading