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Sony resets some PSN passwords due to ‘irregular activity’

Sony is asking an unspecified number of PlayStation Network customers to change their passwords after finding “irregular activity” in a routine scan of the system. The company did not disclose how many users… Continue reading

Sony unveils PlayStation Vita TV

Sony, already plenty busy with one upcoming hardware launch, is doubling down. During its annual pre-Tokyo Games Show press conference on Monday, the company unveiled a new device called PlayStation Vita TV, a… Continue reading

CES: Sony Network Entertainment expands reach

While music streaming service Spotify commands the spotlight for its growth over the years, a giant looms in its shadow: Sony. As Sony rebrands its online offerings, Sony Network Entertainment could prove an… Continue reading

The biggest video game controversies of 2011

For a pastime primarily concerned with having fun, video games sure know how to push the wrong buttons. And while 2011 was relatively tame — no Grand Theft Auto title was released, for… Continue reading

Millions of MapleStory accounts hacked

Hackers have struck again in the video game world — and the latest incursion is a big one. Tokyo-based game publisher Nexon says a security breach discovered last week has put personal information… Continue reading

Opinion: Sony’s Updated Terms Of Service – Mountain Out Of A Molehill?

Just as Sony was starting to put the consumer badwill of this year’s hacking fiasco behind it, it goes and slips a change into the terms of service for the PlayStation Network. In… Continue reading

Sony ruffles feathers with “no suing” update to user agreement

If you’re hoping to launch a class-action lawsuit against Sony, you might want to read the new terms of service of the PlayStation Network really closely before agreeing to them. Sony has amended… Continue reading

Report: Arrests made in PlayStation Network attack

Police in Spain have arrested a trio of hackers who officials say could be a part of the recent attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network. Reuters reports the three suspected members of the loose hacker… Continue reading

PlayStation Network to open later this week

The ever-creeping deadline to get the PlayStation Network fully operational has crept a little further out – but the company says it’s now confident everything will be up and running by the end… Continue reading

Sony: Hackers will cost company over $170 million

No one is more eager than Sony to put the recent cyberattacks on the PlayStation Network behind them. Unfortunately, there are still some hurdles to clear. The electronics giant issued an earnings warning… Continue reading