CES: Sony Network Entertainment expands reach

While variety-logomusic streaming service Spotify commands the spotlight for its growth over the years, a giant looms in its shadow: Sony.

As Sony rebrands its online offerings, Sony Network Entertainment could prove an important platform for delivering music to consumers through a host of devices.

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Apptastic: Music Smasher

As the number of streaming music sites multiplies, it’s sometimes difficult to find what you’re looking for. Music Smasher makes that easier by searching all of the big sites – from Spotify to Grooveshark – to help you find the song you’re looking for.

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Spotify hits the quarter-million mark

Less than three months after formally bursting onto the scene in the United States, streaming music service Spotify has established an impressive foothold.

Reuters reports the company has signed up more than 250,000 paying customers here since its launch. The company revealed last month that its worldwide paying customer base has topped 2 million.

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Rhapsody buys Napster

The long-awaited consolidation in the music streaming space is underway.

Rhapsody has acquired Napster from electronics giant Best Buy for an undisclosed price. The deal will combine two of the largest streaming services in the U.S. and could roughly double the number of Rhapsody subscribers.

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Spotify is headed to the U.S. – finally

Spotify, the music streaming service that is the toast of Europe, is finally on the way to the U.S.

The company launched a landing page today for Americans to sign up for an invite to the service, though stopped short of providing launch details. That’s not likely to discourage fan, though, who have been patiently waiting for it to clear deals with recording companies and get clearance to launch here.

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