Flashers, cursers face bans on PS4 and Xbox One

It’s ps4-shareas unavoidable as cat gifs: Put a microphone in front of a large group of people and someone’s going to spew obscenities. Put a camera in front of that group and someone’s gonna strip.

But if you do so on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, be ready to face the consequences.

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Hardware failures bedevil PS4 launch

While ps4retailcontentsthe launch of the PlayStation 4 has been an inarguable success, Sony hasn’t had a lot of time to pop open the champagne. Instead, the company has found itself on the defensive as the Internet has been filled with tales of PS4 hardware failures.

Sony points out that fewer than than one percent of the units sold are defective – but when that works out to as many as 10,000 consoles, it’s still a PR nightmare.

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PlayStation 4 is out, but can you get one?

The playstation4_650PlayStation 4 is finally in the wild – but finding one is nearly as hard as it was three days ago when the system had yet to launch.

Several retailers are reporting sell-outs of their initial stock – in both major metropolitan areas as well as more rural areas. And, even though the system has only been on sale a few hours, some stores are preemptively shutting down inquiries when you try to check.

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Sony looking into PS4 hardware troubles

The ps4_650PlayStation 4 doesn’t officially launch until 12:01am Friday, but Sony’s already dealing with its first possible crisis.

A tweet from Shuhei Yoshida, president of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, confirmed the company was looking into reports that there were hardware issues with the new console.

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The Best — and Worst — Console Launches

The nintendo-nes-console-jpg_172646months leading up to a console launch are filled with talk of system specs and features. But the minute those consoles hit shelves, the focus shifts squarely to the games.

No matter how fancy its internal components and capabilities may be, the success or failure of a console ultimately comes down to its software. Historically speaking, launch lineups aren’t great – it takes a while for game makers to get the hang of new hardware – but some have been better than others. Much better, as it were.

The key ingredient in any launch lineup isn’t quantity, but quality. One system-selling game is worth more than 20 forgettable ports. As you debate whether the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 has the better initial lineup of games, take a look back at the five best and five worst day one lineups of past home consoles.

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Five upcoming PS4 games to keep your eye on

While infamousthe initial slate of games for the PlayStation 4 is commanding the spotlight right now, things really start to get interesting next year.

Launch titles are often underwhelming. Developers haven’t had a chance to get to know the hardware’s capabilities, and often don’t receive final specs on the system until just a few months before their games release. But things start to shine with that second round of games.

Sony and its publishing partners are taking pains to ensure there’s a steady flow of titles for the PS4 in the months to come. They’ve all got a ways to go before they’re fully baked, but here are a few you might want to keep in mind for next spring and early summer.

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7 facts you might have missed about the PS4

With playstation4the exhaustive online (and offline) coverage of the PlayStation 4 for the past few weeks, consumers have a pretty good idea of what to expect. But for all the focus on the system’s pluses and minuses and which games are worth your time, there are a few details that may have slipped past you.

While it may not change your mind about wanting – or not wanting – a PS4, it’s information that could still come in handy, or at the very least give you a deeper knowledge of the new console’s nuances.

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Six essential PlayStation 4 launch games

If killzone_650you’re grabbing a PlayStation 4 this Friday, it’s not going to do you a lot of good without games. All totaled, there will be 23 titles to choose from – some exclusive to the platform and some next generation versions of existing franchises.

Here’s the thing to know about launch lineups. They’re usually so-so at best. If you’re looking for a truly great game, you’re more likely to find it on a current gen system. Fortunately, some of the year’s biggest franchises have PS4 versions – and there are a few PS4 exclusives that may still be worth a look.

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