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How Redbox determines which games to offer

Redbox players won’t be joining you in a game of Halo 4 this year. Redbox kiosks are only equipped to rent one disc per rental fee, hence games spanning two or three discs… Continue reading

THQ: Is this the beginning of the end?

With most of its games delayed, and with the company pulling all financial guidance, looking desperately for more money, and refusing questions from analysts, Gamasutra analyst Chris Morris wonders if there’s a future… Continue reading

Betting big on Wii U, Ubisoft hopes people understand the console

Ubisoft SVP Tony Key believes in the potential of Nintendo’s innovative new Wii U. Problem is, he’s not totally sure if the general consumer really understands the console’s potential. With the exception of… Continue reading

Zynga: Is this the start of a turnaround?

Game developers may not be lining up at Zynga’s doors after a cost restructuring that resulted in approximately 150 layoffs earlier this week, but in business terms, are things finally on the upswing?… Continue reading

Beyond shovelware: Where do social games go from here?

When Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said “consumers won’t pay for crap,” he hit the nail on the head as to why some social game companies are going through a crisis, argues Gamasutra… Continue reading

Opinion: Is Zynga ready to throw in the towel on Wall St?

Mark Pincus has never been someone who follows the same path as the rest of the video game industry, but his latest divergence is a particularly interesting one. A little over a week… Continue reading

EA drops the ball with NBA Live cancellation

In a year where there have been plenty of head-scratching moves by video game publishers, EA’s decision to sit out yet another NBA season is perhaps the most baffling. It is nothing short… Continue reading

Nintendo’s Wii U reveal: What worked? What didn’t?

Nintendo went for a big splash Thursday morning, revealing launch details for its Wii U. Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris looks at the highlights and low-lights of the event in this op-ed. So now… Continue reading

iPhone 5 could have a big impact on games

There’s no question the iPhone 5 will be a roaring success when it goes on sale Sept. 21. But the latest smart phone from Apple could also give certain game publishers a significant… Continue reading

Zynga’s biggest gamble yet

With news of another pair of executives bolting from Zynga Monday, it seems time to start focusing on who’s filling those increasingly empty seats, rather than who’s left in them. While chief technical officer Allan… Continue reading