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MMO devs will lose the fight against content churn, says SOE’s Smedley

Sony Online Entertainment has become largely pseudonymous with the free-to-play movement, offering triple-A titles like PlanetSide 2 for no cost from day one, and converting legacy games like EverQuest to the model. It’s fairly seamless these days,… Continue reading

With THQ’s demise, plenty of questions remain

The fat lady has sung at THQ. After years of near misses, the company that was at one time the industry’s third largest publisher is being sold for parts. THQ has a lot… Continue reading

Do video games have a future at CES?

The circus has left town here in Las Vegas. The 100-inch Ultra high definition sets have been packed up. The tens of thousands of unread show dailies have been recycled. And the folks… Continue reading

Looking back on what video game CEOs said about violence

The tragic school shooting in Newtown, CT has once again revived the debate about the impact of violent video games in the media. Senators are calling for hearings. Groups like the NRA are… Continue reading

What does bankruptcy mean for the future of THQ?

There’s a certain irony that THQ — a company whose name is an abbreviation of Toy Head Quarters — met its fate less than a week before Christmas. Make no mistake, THQ as… Continue reading

Majesco shares enter dangerous territory

Zumba Fitness publisher Majesco is in danger of having its stock delisted. Editor-at-large Chris Morris examines the 26-year-old company’s precarious place on the stock market. For the second time this year, a video… Continue reading

Zynga and Facebook: Are the naysayers wrong?

In this op-ed, Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris tries to figure out why investors are so down on what could be a good thing for Zynga. So Zynga and Facebook have agreed to see… Continue reading

Xbox TV could soften the blow of an expensive Durango

Microsoft is rumored to be readying a low-cost “Xbox TV” console focused more on entertainment than games, but will the move confuse customers? Or will it ease the transition to a likely-expensive Durango?… Continue reading

Ubisoft dips its toes into Hollywood’s waters

Ubisoft may first and foremost be a video game studio, but as the industry continues to shift, it’s looking to expand its footprint. The biggest shift these days is the publisher’s growing interest… Continue reading

Analysts chime in on Wii U’s mid-term forecast

The Wii U is going to be a big seller this holiday season. That’s about as bold a prediction as saying Black Ops II will top the November NPD charts. But what happens when Santa… Continue reading