New iPhones “on par with next-generation consoles” – Gibeau

Frank apple-watchGibeau and his team at EA Mobile spent their Tuesday like a lot of other tech enthusiasts: Grumbling about the quality of Apple’s stream of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch reveal.

The group gathered en masse in a conference room, as it does with every Apple reveal, to watch a broadcast that faded in and out (and occasionally came through in Chinese). But while the rest of us were gnashing our teeth in frustration, the mobile teams were already riffing on ideas about what they could do with the technology being introduced.


EA Puts Faith in ‘Next Gen Consoles’

New EA-Riccitiellovideo game consoles coming out this year could breathe new life into game maker Electronic Arts.

Although, the next generation of video game systems technically started last November with the launch of the Wii U, a lot of people aren’t going to start their clocks until later this year, when new consoles from Sony and (presumably) Microsoft hit the market.


Interview: Frank Gibeau on EA’s Expanding Focus In The PC Space

EA’s Frank Gibeau talks to Gamasutra about the company’s position in the casual Facebook gaming market, the renewed focus on PC releases and the increasing dabblings in the freemium business model.

Some publishers are focusing primarily on the online market these days. Others see mobile as the wave of the future. Plenty are chasing the social network audience. And some are sticking doggedly with the traditional game space.

At Electronic Arts, they’re covering their bets.

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