The 5 biggest gaming stories of 2013

Another 5-stories-2013-xbone-ps4year is nearly in the books, and for gamers, it was a biggie.

Sony and Microsoft released their long-awaited next generation systems. Rockstar Games didn’t just break records, it blew them to smithereens. Players saw tons of new avenues open up, while an increasingly connected world brought plenty of headaches.

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SimCity suffering severe launch woes

Want simcity-launch-woes-640to play the new SimCity? We can’t blame you — it looks terrific. But good luck getting it working.

In what’s becoming a familiar tune to early players of eagerly-anticipated titles that require an Internet connection, the game’s servers were completely overwhelmed when it launched Tuesday, preventing users from playing and angering the long-running franchise’s legions of fans.

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App review: Virtual City HD

Virtual City HD manages to take the best aspects of the Sim City franchise and strip those out for a portable gaming audience. The game is challenging, but not impossible — and gives players the choice between playing a task-driven game or building a city in any manner they choose. The game looks great, and developers have clearly taken pains to optimize the app for the iPad’s larger screen. The larger screen makes it easier to control the game, particularly when there’s a lot happening at once — but it comes at a higher cost than the iPhone version, which is virtually the same.

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