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How the NFL’s high-tech player tracking will change Madden

The Madden video game franchise has always prided itself on its realistic play. Now the NFL is looking to ratchet up that realism by several degrees. Over the past few years, the NFL… Continue reading

‘Draw Something’ TV show is in the works

Doodling on your iPhone could lead to big money and big prizes. CBS is developing a primetime game show based on Zynga’s popular Draw Something app. The network won a bidding war for the rights… Continue reading

CBS chief talks Apple TV

With Steve Jobs first dropping hints about Apple’s plans for a branded TV set in his conversations with biographer Walter Isaacson, others are a bit more comfortable discussing it now. The latest to… Continue reading

Auds flock to watch Hulu

YouTube might be the king of the hill when it comes to video content on the Internet, but when it comes to premium programming, no one can beat Hulu. A new report from… Continue reading

CSI creator’s plans for a digital empire

Anthony Zuiker will always be known as the creator of “CSI,” but he’s also the author of the “Level 26” thriller series. Now he’s bringing the two worlds together.  On the Oct. 14… Continue reading

Apple near deal for TV show rentals?

Rumors started last month that Apple was making a hard push to begin offering streaming rentals of recent television programming for 99 cents. Now those whispers are beginning to solidify a bit.  Bloomberg… Continue reading