Intel pacts with Comcast for Xfinity programming

After variety-logolaunching a new category of computers called Ultrabooks at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Intel is now focusing on hyping what’s inside.

Company touted a new deal with Comcast that will provide the cabler’s Xfinity TV-based programming to Ultrabooks, all-in-one PCs, smartphones and tablets that use Intel’s chips through live streams and on demand options.

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What’s the Next Big Thing in Consumer Electronics?

Pretty much every year, a big trend emerges from the Consumer Electronics Show. And pretty much every year, it’s heralded — at least for a short while — as the next big thing in consumer electronics.

This year, it’s shaping up to be Ultrabooks. The problem is: In many ways, the “next big thing” of the last few years hasn’t really been all that big.

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PCs and Mobile Phones Are This Year’s Gadget Industry Stars

Two years ago, 3D TV commanded center stage at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Last year, it was tablets. This year, while both of those product groups will still be shown in force, it looks like the PC is ready to make a comeback.

The computer industry, which seems swept by one revolution after another, is back in the spotlight at CES this week, with a new version of Windows and a new type of laptop heralding the new era.


10 Holiday Gifts for Gadget Lovers

It’s a pretty fair bet that someone on your shopping list is a gadget hound. While the odds aren’t quite as good, it’s still better than average odds that you’re going to indulge them.

Nearly one-third of the money spent on gifts this year will go towards consumer electronics, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. But sorting out the hot items from the ones destined to end up in the clearance bin can be tough. If you’re looking for a perfect tech gift for a friend or loved one, here are a few can’t miss suggestions.