Report: EA and Comcast exploring video game streaming partnership

Want EA-Comcastto play Madden on your big screen TV, but don’t have an Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Wii U? Comcast might have a solution.

The cable giant and video game publisher Electronic Arts are reportedly finalizing an agreement that would let customers of the cable giant stream EA games through their cable box.

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Intel pacts with Comcast for Xfinity programming

After variety-logolaunching a new category of computers called Ultrabooks at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Intel is now focusing on hyping what’s inside.

Company touted a new deal with Comcast that will provide the cabler’s Xfinity TV-based programming to Ultrabooks, all-in-one PCs, smartphones and tablets that use Intel’s chips through live streams and on demand options.

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Major update turns Xbox 360 into entertainment hub

For years, Microsoft has used the Xbox 360 as a Trojan horse to get into people’s living rooms. Now, it’s launching a full-scale attack on your other entertainment devices.

Starting Monday, Xbox 360 owners are being prompted to download a free new user interface for the console, which expands Kinect voice control, introduces a broad entertainment search option and adds a slew of new content options that have nothing to do with gaming.

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TV networks, cable providers line up to appear on your Xbox

Microsoft’s plans to add television content to the Xbox 360 just took a major step forward.

The company unveiled an extensive partner list Wednesday, announcing that nearly 40 global content providers will stream programming through the game console starting this year. Included in the list are heavy cable hitters Comcast, HBO and Verizon FiOS.

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Netflix streams 6 out of 10 digital films

Want to know why studios are growing leary of Netflix? It’s all in the numbers.

A new report from The NPD Group shows that despite the best efforts of some enormous competitors, the online rental service holds a 61 percent market share in the streaming movie field so far this year.

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Analysis: The Coming Battle – Game Console Makers Vs. Cable Companies

The relationship between console makers and cable companies can be a dicey one. Both compete for consumer eyeballs in the living room – and dip their toes in the other’s waters from time to time – but have avoided any sort of direct battle so far. Were they to square off, the brawl would likely be an epic one.

It might be time to start looking for ringside seats.

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