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Everything old is new again: 7 video game reboots

The film world’s not the only segment of the entertainment industry that’s rebooting its greatest hits. It’s pretty common practice in the video game world as well. In the not too distant past,… Continue reading

Pong: The game that was never meant to be

Pong was the video game industry’s equivalent of the Big Bang. Without it, it’s impossible to know where – or if – things would be today. That makes it all the more remarkable… Continue reading

Microsoft sold 1.1 million Xboxes last quarter

The second quarter – those days that run from April 1 through June 30 – don’t tend to be big saleswise for video game companies. But this year (at Microsoft, at least) seems… Continue reading

Madden rankings ruffle some NFL fan feathers

Did Madden rank this year’s crop of players by the numbers? Some fans are questioning the methodology of the storied franchise after seeing how the game stacked up certain high-profile players. Read more… Continue reading

Donkey Kong, Pac Man, others to make cameo appearances in Adam Sandler’s Pixels

Wreck-It Ralph’s no longer the only film that can boast some major cameos from the video game world. Adam Sandler’s upcoming Pixels has nabbed some iconic characters – all from gaming’s classic coin-op… Continue reading

U.S. Soccer team captain Dempsey to front EA’s FIFA 15

Clint Dempsey led the men’s U.S. soccer team further than many people expected it would go in the 2014 World Cup. Now Electronic Arts is hoping he’ll lead people to the latest installment… Continue reading

Doom reboot brings old-school carnage to the next generation

There’s a lot that’s familiar about Doom – the game many people still think of as Doom 4. Hellbeasts and cyberdemons? Yep, they’re there. Gibs? Tons of ‘em. Fast paced action? You betcha!… Continue reading

Hardware sales soar in June

Never underestimate the power of a price cut. On the heels of Microsoft lowering the cost of the Xbox One by $100, video game hardware sales in June more than doubled the totals… Continue reading

Destiny beta comes without the game’s most famous line

The throwaway dialogue line that became a gaming meme in the early build of Bungie’s Destiny has been jettisoned into space as the game enters its beta phase. Game of Thrones star Peter… Continue reading

Xbox One sales more than double after Kinect-less version released

Call it a good news/bad news situation for Microsoft. The good news: sales of the Xbox One “more than doubled” in June, compared to the May figures. The bad news: It’s becoming increasingly… Continue reading