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Zynga’s IPO: What Went Wrong?

After its first day on the NASDAQ, Zynga’s performance has been less-than-impressive, and Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris takes a moment to figure out exactly what went awry. Shares in Zynga’s Wall Street debut… Continue reading

The Best Things To Happen To Games In 2011 (According To Analysts)

[Looking back at 2011, several analysts discuss the game industry’s best highlights last year with Gamasutra, from the mainstream’s acceptance of mobile gaming to subscription service risks paying off.] Ask a gamer about… Continue reading

Zynga Shows Street Smarts With IPO Plan

[Though Zynga’s upcoming $1 billion IPO is lower than expected based on previous reports and market cap valuations, Gamasutra’s Chris Morris explains why the company is playing it smart with its low share… Continue reading

Opinion: ESRB Mobile App Initiative Underscores Industry Power Shift

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris picks apart the ESRB’s recent push into the mobile app space, and wonders how these ratings will fare without Apple and Android’s support. While you have to admire the… Continue reading

Black Friday: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris has two Black Friday lessons: 1.) Never risk going to Walmart for Black Friday deals and 2.) People are definitely responding to video game sales this year. Forget televisions… Continue reading

Opinion: Cutting Through The Hype On The ‘Xbox 720’ Rumors

Looking at recent rumors of the Xbox 360’s successor supposedly poised to surface soon, Gamasutra’s Chris Morris explains why neither consumers nor publishers should really want a next generation at this point. New… Continue reading

Dan Houser On How Rockstar Does It

Rockstar Games co-founder and vice president of creative Dan Houser doesn’t spend a lot of time on the interview circuit, and you’ll almost never find him on a panel of industry experts. Instead,… Continue reading

Black Friday: The Pros And Cons For Game Companies

In this analysis, Gamasutra editor Chris Morris asks if this year’s post-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales will provide a notable boost for the gaming industry, and if it will actually hurt the industry more… Continue reading

Analysts Mixed On Holiday Outlook

With the holiday season fast approaching, analysts chime in with their game sales predictions, noting that the core gamer is “the demographic to watch this year” and examining the software battle for third… Continue reading

Activision’s Skylanders Attracts Core, Kid Gamers Alike

[Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg talks with Gamasutra about bringing new life to the Spyro series with Skylanders, and how the company’s toy-based approach with the game could pay off big.] Over the course of its… Continue reading