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Zynga’s in the black – but for how long?

While the gaming world was busy watching THQ implode last week, a funny thing happened in the background. Zynga began trading in positive territory. Boosted by Facebook’s IPO filing, the social games maker finally… Continue reading

Analysis: What’s next for THQ?

Troubled publisher THQ is massively reorganizing itself yet again, but is the elimination of its licensed kids’ games and 240 members of its staff enough to convince shareholders that the company means it… Continue reading

How accurate are Madden’s Super Bowl predictions?

While Electronic Arts has never let a good PR opportunity slip past, it might be a mistake to dismiss the company’s annual Super Bowl predictions. Gamasutra’s Chris Morris takes a look at Madden’s past… Continue reading

Opinion: How NFC tech could be Wii U’s saving grace

From new ways to play Pokemon to new ways to pay for Pokemon, the Wii U’s newly-revealed NFC feature lays the groundwork for new business and gamplay opportunities for Nintendo and its partners.… Continue reading

Analysis: THQ revamps its business strategy a few years too late

THQ’s announcement Wednesday morning that it was abandoning the kids’ licensed video game industry shouldn’t really have come as a surprise to anyone who has been watching the company lately, but it’s still… Continue reading

Analysis: THQ’s financial troubles may get worse before they get better

It may be the industry’s fourth-largest third-party publisher, but with financial woes and no inspiring product schedule to alleviate them, THQ could be facing a possible NASDAQ delisting. THQ just can’t catch a… Continue reading

CES: ePawn’s Arena a bit of Skylanders, a bit of board gaming

Activision proved there was a market for small, real-world items interacting with a virtual environment with its toy-based video game Skylanders. Now a French technology company is hoping to expand on that idea. ePawn… Continue reading

ESA and SOPA: Between a rock and a hard place

The Stop Online Piracy Act is front and center in the headlines again, as opponents to the legislation shine the spotlight on companies and organizations supporting the bill, giving the ESA one massive… Continue reading

Gamasutra Best Of 2011: Top 5 Disappointments

[From First Amendment rights to high-quality games, 2011 was a great year for video games. But not everything was rainbows and unicorns. Gamasutra’s Chris Morris looks at some of the year’s low points.]… Continue reading

The Worst Things To Happen To Games In 2011 (According To Analysts)

[From layoffs to the rise of freemium/smartphone gaming, several analysts share their biggest game industry disappointments and unhappy trends of the year with Gamasutra.] Analysts, by nature, are critical beings, so having heard… Continue reading