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Can PlayStation Move Survive?

A year or so before the Wii controller was unveiled, I had the chance to sit down with Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo. As I expect every other reporter did that… Continue reading

Making Movie Game Tie-Ins Work

Video games and Hollywood have always been the Woody Allen and Soon-Yi of the entertainment world. They’re together forever, but the fit has always been an odd one – and a little creepy… Continue reading

Games on Trial: New Witch Hunt Looming

It’s been a relatively quiet past few years for developers who focus on action games. Sales have been solid, while media hysteria about the genre has been, for the most part, muted. The heyday… Continue reading

Has GameStop Gone Mad?

Game publishers and game retailers have, at best, an uneasy relationship – so what happens when one becomes the other? It’s a growing question that should make for some interesting times in the years… Continue reading