Is 3D gaming dead?

Just 3d-gaming-deadtwo years ago, 3D was being touted as the Next Big Thing in gaming

Sony released an affordable 3D monitor for the PlayStation 3 to showcase the system’s potential. Nintendo proudly trotted out the 3DS. First-party developers added in the necessary coding to make their games shine on the then-hot technology.

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Fans finally warm to stereo vidgaming

As the television manufacturing industry struggles to persuade consumers that 3D is the future, the videogame industry is having a little easier time of it.

Several of the hottest games of 2011 were 3D-compatible. Some, like Sony’s “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception,” made a convincing case that the technology could add to the gaming experience and wasn’t just a gimmick. And after a sluggish start, Nintendo’s 3DS has, seemingly, finally found its footing.With the one-two punch of a price cut and a strong holiday slate of games, the 3DS surpassed first year sales of the Nintendo DS in just eight months. (The DS went on to be the bestselling game system of all time in the U.S.) Nintendo now estimates 3DS unit sales should top 4 million units by February.

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3D gaming gets its closeup

Between the Nintendo 3DS, Nvidia’s efforts to push 3D on the PC and Sony’s recently announced PlayStation 3-branded 3D display, stereoscopic 3D video- games are finally stepping into the spotlight.

But even as more and more games utilize the technology, there’s a debate among game- makers on how much of a draw it will be for consumers.

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Will Killzone 3 ignite 3D gaming?

3D hasn’t exactly taken the gaming world by storm so far, but that’s not stopping Sony from giving the technology another big push.

Killzone 3, due out this week, is the latest installment in the company’s eye-popping shooter series. And Sony’s pulling out all the stops this time. Arguably the best graphics to appear in a PlayStation 3 game to date? Check. Integration of the PlayStation Move controller? You bet! 3D? Oh yeah — it’s in there, too.

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