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Activision on the block: Assessing the potential buyers

Vivendi might be getting more serious about offloading Activision-Blizzard. Reuters reports the French conglomerate has been in talks with a number of video game (and mass media) companies about a potential sale of the industry’s… Continue reading

Blizzard puts restrictions on new Diablo III players

If you’re just now getting around to Diablo III, you might want to buy a retail copy instead of downloading one. In its most recent patch of the game, Blizzard Entertainment has capped… Continue reading

Gaming’s 12 Richest People

Sales in the videogame industry have been declining for more than three years, due in no small part to competition from mobile devices. Yet it’s still a field that’s creating high-net-worth individuals at a rapid… Continue reading

The Best Selling Video Games of 2012

For the past several years, Activision’s Call of Duty franchise has been the videogame industry powerhouse — dominating the sales charts not only during the critical holiday sales period, but also carrying that… Continue reading

Apptastic: Skylanders Cloud Patrol

Unlike its popular console cousin, the app store incantation of Skylanders isn’t exactly heavy on story. That doesn’t stop Skylanders Cloud Patrol from being an incredibly entertaining and time sucking game, though. Read… Continue reading

Activision, Infinity Ward founders settle lawsuit

What was threatening to be one of the nastiest legal battles in the history of the video game industry has ended peacefully. Game publisher Activision and the founders of Call of Duty developer… Continue reading

With trial looming, former Infinity Ward heads speak out

Usually, in the days leading up to a multimillion-dollar trial, both parties keep their mouths shut. But when it’s Jason West and Vince Zampella, the former studio heads of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer… Continue reading

EA, Activision settle ‘Call of Duty’ lawsuit

One of the ugliest lawsuits in the video game industry’s history has been settled just days before going to court, but the legal fireworks may not be over yet. Activision and Electronic Arts… Continue reading

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′ already setting records

While Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 won’t hit store shelves for more than six months, it’s already setting records. Amazon reports the game, which was just announced this week, is on track to become… Continue reading

Durkin joins Activision as CFO

Activision has lured a long-term senior Microsoft executive away from Redmond to become its new chief financial officer. Dennis Durkin, a former corporate vice president and chief operating and financial officer at Microsoft’s… Continue reading