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10 games fit for your iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5s is a beast. Packing a 64-bit processor chip that’s 40 times faster than the original iPhone and tailor-made for hi-end graphics, it’s a mobile device that, in many ways, rivals… Continue reading

Los Angeles students get iPads for classroom, play video games instead

You have to give school officials in Los Angeles credit for a good idea: put iPads in the hands of over 650,000 students to give them the most advanced learning tools available in… Continue reading

Chair’s Donald Mustard on the Apple console threat

Three years ago, Donald Mustard and his team at Chair Entertainment first started working with the iPhone. And, as a lot of people did around that time, they began to speculate about its… Continue reading

Forget Siri: Microsoft bringing Halo’s Cortana to its phones

Helping Master Chief out of perilous predicaments is one thing, but can Cortana help you get to your meeting on time? Microsoft is working on a digital personal assistant for its Windows Phones… Continue reading

How Apple’s new iPhones could pose a threat to gaming’s major players

Apple has danced along the edge of the video game industry’s waters for some time now, never quite jumping in, but staying close enough to keep the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo… Continue reading

Disney encourages kids to play games in the theater during “The Little Mermaid”

The movie theater is one of the few remaining sanctums where you’re largely safe from the annoying glow of smartphones and tablets. Well, at least until Disney re-releases “The Little Mermaid” on September… Continue reading

Activision surprises gamers with Call of Duty for iOS

When you’re dealing with a multibillion dollar franchise, new releases tend to be well-telegraphed affairs. Activision, though, surprised everyone Thursday by releasing an iOS version of Call of Duty without pomp or circumstance.… Continue reading

Can Design Save the PC? Here are 10 Cool ‘Yesses’

The increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets has prompted doomsayers to (once again) begin the deathwatch for laptops and desktops. The consumer technology market has come a long way since August 1977, when RadioShack introduced… Continue reading

Beloved role-playing great Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic hits iPad

The history of Star Wars games is filled with hits and misses. For every Battlefront, there’s a Masters of Teras Kasi. But Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic, released in 2003, has always… Continue reading

The Wearable Revolution

High tech is going high fashion. With Google distributing its first sets of Google Glass eyewear and observers eagerly awaiting confirmation that Apple is working on a smartwatch, proponents of wearable technology are looking further down the… Continue reading