10 games fit for your iPhone 5S

The infinity-blade-3iPhone 5s is a beast. Packing a 64-bit processor chip that’s 40 times faster than the original iPhone and tailor-made for hi-end graphics, it’s a mobile device that, in many ways, rivals what you might find on a home console.
Developers, not surprisingly, are wasting no time in taking advantage of the A7 chip. If you’ve got the latest top-of-the-line iPhone in hand, here are some graphical powerhouses that can help showcase what your phone can do.

Los Angeles students get iPads for classroom, play video games instead

You ipad-schools-debaclehave to give school officials in Los Angeles credit for a good idea: put iPads in the hands of over 650,000 students to give them the most advanced learning tools available in an effort to boost their interest in academics.

But the $1 billion plan is taking some heat after students in the nation’s second-largest school district cracked the tablets’ security settings to forgo reading, writing and ‘rithmetic and instead post on Facebook and play games during class time.

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Chair’s Donald Mustard on the Apple console threat

Three donald mustardyears ago, Donald Mustard and his team at Chair Entertainment first started working with the iPhone. And, as a lot of people did around that time, they began to speculate about its potential impact on the gaming world.

The consensus from the team was that within five years, Apple could have a device that was a viable threat to console systems. It was a throwaway guess – the sort of thing you make and tend to forget about. When he got his hands on the iPhone 5S three or four weeks ago, though, Mustard thought back to that discussion – and realized it could have been right on target.

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Forget Siri: Microsoft bringing Halo’s Cortana to its phones

Helping cotrana-windows-microsoftMaster Chief out of perilous predicaments is one thing, but can Cortana help you get to your meeting on time?

Microsoft is working on a digital personal assistant for its Windows Phones to compete with Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google Now. And it has chosen the beloved Halo artificial intelligence character as its namesake.

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How Apple’s new iPhones could pose a threat to gaming’s major players

Apple iphone-threat-gaminghas danced along the edge of the video game industry’s waters for some time now, never quite jumping in, but staying close enough to keep the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo wary.

With the introduction of the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone 5C during this week’s iPhone reveal event, however, the company took a big step closer — and both console and dedicated handheld system makers have a very valid reason to worry.

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Disney encourages kids to play games in the theater during “The Little Mermaid”

The little-mermaid-theatersmovie theater is one of the few remaining sanctums where you’re largely safe from the annoying glow of smartphones and tablets.

Well, at least until Disney re-releases “The Little Mermaid” on September 13. The studio is actively encouraging kids to bring along iPads and play games while the movie is showing on screen.

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Activision surprises gamers with Call of Duty for iOS

When call-of-duty-strike-teamyou’re dealing with a multibillion dollar franchise, new releases tend to be well-telegraphed affairs.

Activision, though, surprised everyone Thursday by releasing an iOS version of Call of Duty without pomp or circumstance. And, in another surprise, it’s being made by a team led by a pair of Rockstar Games veterans.

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Can Design Save the PC? Here are 10 Cool ‘Yesses’

The trs-80increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets has prompted doomsayers to (once again) begin the deathwatch for laptops and desktops.

The consumer technology market has come a long way since August 1977, when RadioShack introduced the TRS 80, the market’s first complete, preassembled small-computer system. The Level I basic came with 4K of RAM, a monitor, a cassette, and all needed cables and adaptors. It sold for $599.95.

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Beloved role-playing great Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic hits iPad

The kotor-ipad-top630history of Star Wars games is filled with hits and misses. For every Battlefront, there’s a Masters of Teras Kasi.

But Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic, released in 2003, has always stood head and shoulders above the rest — and now it’s coming to the mobile gaming world.

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The Wearable Revolution

High 100501762-google-glass-courtesy.240x160tech is going high fashion.

With Google distributing its first sets of Google Glass eyewear and observers eagerly awaiting confirmation that Apple is working on a smartwatch, proponents of wearable technology are looking further down the road. And they’re pretty excited about what they see in terms of the potential for profit and disruption to the personal technology world.

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