What Dooms Innovation to the Graveyard?

In 100649947-old-pcs-in-trash-gettyp.240x1602003, Nokia had a plan.

Recognizing the enormous market the Nintendo Game Boy Advance was attracting—and being cognizant enough to realize that mobile games at the time were, frankly, terrible— the company unleashed the N-Gage, a cellphone capable of playing video games that had a graphical quality previously unseen on mobile devices.

The idea was sound—but the reception wasn’t exactly what they expected. The N-Gage was jeered by gamers (its intended audience). Web pages mocking its taco-shaped design quickly became an Internet sensation. And reviews were harsh. A redesigned model came out a year later, but it was too late. The N-Gage eventually became yet another disruptive technology that failed to connect with its audience.

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Apple presents biggest threat to home consoles, say game luminaries

The apple-tviPhone has already had a sizable impact on the traditional portable video game industry, but two video game VIPs are cautioning that the company could have a much larger — and potentially devastating — impact on the home console market.

Valve Software co-founder Gabe Newell and Nat Brown, who was one of the first engineers on Microsoft’s Xbox project, have issued warnings about Apple’s potential threat. The alerts come amid analyst speculation that Apple may hold an Apple TV-related special event next month.

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Controversial app lets you beat up your boyfriend

Apple boyfriend-trainer-top630has a zero-tolerance policy for apps that contain nudity, and they’re usually quick to shut down any that promote violence against women. But an app that encourages girls to abuse their significant other is apparently fair game.

Boyfriend Trainer, which is available in both the App Store and the Android market, lets players slap, electrocute, or mace a virtual boyfriend for what most people would call minor transgressions, including drinking their girlfriend’s drink or leaving his shirt on the ground.

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America’s Radio News Network – Dec. 6, 2012

Every arnnThursday, I join Chris Salcedo and Rick Roberts on the mid-day edition of America’s Radio News Network to discuss trends and news in the technology and video game space. This week’s topics were Apple CEO Tim Cook’s announcement that the company will begin manufacturing a computer in the United States next year and Blockbuster’s latest plan – selling cell phones in its brick and mortar stores.

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Top 10 Disruptors Empowering Consumers

Every now and then, a product or business comes along that manages to shift a paradigm, completely changing the way consumers interact with goods and services. Such disruption, though, often comes at the expense of established businesses — and even entire industries.

Apple is arguably the leader in disruption, having completely reshaped the music world with the iPod, led the consumer transition to smartphones with the iPhone and dinged the laptop computer industry with the iPad.

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Apple-polisher left Mouse mighty

Oct. 5 marks the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death. And in the past year, the financial world — mindful of Jobs’ obsession with detail and ability to drive the Apple staff to innovative heights — has wondered about the company’s prospects without him. That also applies to Disney and Pixar. Apple may have been Jobs’ favorite child, but Disney (where he was the largest single shareholder after the company’s 2006 merger with Pixar) was a close second.

In the short-term, things are soaring. Disney shares are up roughly 70% since Jobs’ passing, while Apple has jumped 86%. Both companies work several years in advance on products and strategies, meaning Jobs’ fingerprints will be on upcoming releases for a fair bit longer (if only tangentially).

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America’s Radio News Network – iPhone 5 special

Every Thursday, I join Chris Salcedo and Lori Lundin on the mid-day edition of America’s Radio News Network to discuss trends and news in the technology and video game space. But this week, the news was on Wednesday, so we switched things up a bit.

The discussion was all about Apple’s announcements today, with a heavy focus on the iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5: What does it mean for gamers?

There weren’t a lot of surprises at Apple’s press event Tuesday. The rumor mill was pretty much spot-on when it came to the iPhone 5, taking a little of the wind out of the company’s sails.

But that doesn’t make the iPhone 5 — and the slew of new iPod Touch devices that the company also debuted — any less important to gaming. In fact, Apple might be further cementing its presence as a major player in the video game industry.

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