Five incredibly valuable video game collectibles

Recently, video-game-treasure-8-13Irrational Games made waves by putting a limited number of BioShock Infinite replicas up for sale. Capcom did them one better by sending out a very limited number of working, gold-plated copies of the original Ducktales game to promote Ducktales: Remastered.

Suffice to say, video game collectors have taken notice.

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BioShock Infinite heads to Rapture in upcoming DLC

The bioshock-infinite-rapture-topstory of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, so far, has largely taken place high above the earth, in a floating city hidden amongst the clouds. For their next chapter, though, they’re headed down to Rapture.

Irrational Games surprised fans Tuesday by announcing the release of new downloadable content for BioShock Infinite — including a trip back to the same underwater city as the original BioShock– after maintaining a virtual cone of silence since the critical hit’s release.

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Meet Troy Baker, gaming’s leading man

You troy-baker-joel-top630may not know Troy Baker’s face, but if you’ve played the year’s biggest video games, you certainly know his voice.

Baker has been an up and coming video game voice actor for a few years now, but in 2013, he has exploded in a way no one could have imagined, voicing the main character in two critically-acclaimed hits. That’s a bit like an actor scoring major roles in multiple Oscar-nominated films in the same year.

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Female video game characters shedding stereotypes

Female female-characters-top640characters have had a rather dubious run in the video game world. When they aren’t damsels in distress, they’re oversexualized stereotypes meant to titillate rather than foster a sense of empowerment in players.

There have been exceptions, of course — Half-Life 2’s Alyx or Samus from Metroid — but progress has been slow. In the past year, though, the exceptions are starting to become … well, if not the rule, less of the exception.

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Bioshock Infinite tops charts in another slumping sales month

If bioshock-march-npd-top640there was a beacon of hope for the video game industry in the first half of 2013, it was Bioshock Infinite. The hotly-anticipated game, currently the top-rated title of the year, was the best chance for retail sales to rebound and return to positive territory.

As it turns out, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth couldn’t quite live up to that pressure — even with Lara Croft, Kratos and the Gears of War crew backing them up.

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Coolest Collector’s Editions 2012

Sometimes, just having a copy of your most-anticipated game isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need extras.

And boy, can those extras get extravagant. While some of these sets simply toss in an art book or extra in-game content, others like to raise the bar, offering some absolutely awesome extras for die-hard fans. Here are 10 of the most desirable Collector’s Editions released this year or available for pre-order.

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Two top Bioshock Infinite team members leave Irrational

Key members of the development team on Bioshock Infinite have left Irrational Games, raising questions about the state of the highly anticipated title, sources tell Gamasutra.

Tim Gerritsen, director of product development, and art director Nate Wells have both announced their departure. Wells was a 13 year veteran of the studio, whose distinctive style was heralded in the original Bioshock.

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Big name game delays bolster 2013

With the circus-like E3 expo less than three weeks away (listen closely and you can hear the collective gaming industry screaming in excitement/terror), you’d think the focus would be on 2012.

But with game sales on track right now to hit a six-year low, developers and publishers certainly want this year to end on an uptick, right? Well, of course, they do, but more and more, 2013 is looking like the year where things are going to get really interesting.

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Interview: Take-Two’s Zelnick Talks Social Games, Acquisition Rumors

[Speaking with Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris about the road ahead for his company, CEO Strauss Zelnick explains why he’s in no hurry to sell Take Two, and why the publisher isn’t taking part in the social game land grab.]

The turnaround story at Take-Two Interactive Software has been an impressive one over the past couple of years. The company, which had previously never posted a profit unless it had released a Grand Theft Auto title in its lineup that year, has managed to push into the black without the help of its biggest franchise and had several of the most anticipated games of 2011 and 2012 on display at its E3 booth this year.

But the success has once again kicked up chatter that the company might be in play. Analysts have speculated it is an acquisition target and, with activist investor Carl Icahn holding a big stake in the company, have begun openly wondering who will make the first bid.

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Irrational Games takes Bioshock to the clouds

After three years of silence, Irrational Games, the studio behind “Bioshock” has taken the wraps off of its next game. The studio today unveiled “Bioshock Infinite,” a new installment in the franchise that upends many gamer perceptions about the franchise.

The original title, which sold over 4 million units worldwide, was set in Rapture, an crumbling aquatic world. “Bioshock Infinite” is set above the clouds in Columbia, a floating city that mixes the “Star Wars’” cloud planet of Bespin with a steam punk sensibility. The game is set for a 2012 release and will be released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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