Gamers: Your man cave is being monitored

On generic gamersan average day at Electronic Arts, players of the video game publisher’s hit title “Battlefield 3” create over one terabyte (TB) of data. In the course of a month, the company will collect more than 50 TB from its respective titles.

For a long time, that information wasn’t immediately harvested. Certainly, it would be sifted through as planning began on a sequel, but that was about it. Eighteen months ago, however, the company realized it was ignoring valuable data, and launched a program to change that.

Today, that program is quickly becoming one of EA’s most valuable assets.


Analysis: What Long-Term Impact Could COD: Elite bring?

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris examines Activision’s move to bring a subscription option toCall of Duty players, and how the decision could hint at a wider subscription strategy at the publisher.

So now it’s official. The long-awaited (and, in some cases, long-feared) subscription service for Call of Duty is a reality. And while players pore through the previews and press release to determine exactly what Elite entails, I’m finding it a lot more interesting to look further down the road.

Make no mistake, Elite is a bold move by Activision – and one that could ultimately change the way the industry operates when it comes to user communities and digital add-ons.

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Everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Elite

The long-rumored subscription service tied to the hit Call of Duty franchise is finally reality. And that has some gamers worried and confused.

Activision has formally unveiled Call of Duty: Elite, a premium service that adds a social layer and exclusive content – along with a monthly fee – to the popular shooter. But the addition of that fee and the features the publisher have discussed have muddied the waters a bit around the franchise. Here are some answers to some of the biggest questions:

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Paramount’s Rango gets an online world

Paramount Pictures has teamed with browser-based game developer Funtactix to create an online game based upon its upcoming animated feature “Rango.”

The game, dubbed “Rango: The World” will bow alongside the film on March 4 and allow fans to create an avatar and explore the movie’s world with friends and strangers. Players will interact with characters from the film – minus Johnny Depp’s titular chameleon – and complete quests and play minigames.

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