Report: Mobile game income surpasses Nintendo/Sony handhelds

The growth of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as gaming devices has done plenty to worry executives at Nintendo and Sony for a while now, but new numbers from Flurry Research may cause even more agita.

The mobile analytics firm says revenues from the iOS and Android gaming markets are now higher than that generated from traditional portable systems from the two gaming giants. And in a $3.3 billion market, that’s noteworthy.

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Nintendo 3DS sells well, but outshined by older model

The launch of the 3DS was a certifiable hit — but not a grand slam.

According to data released by sales tracking group NPD, the first-week sales of Nintendo’s new handheld system beat out the first-week sales of its predecessor, the DS, thanks to a price tag that was $100 higher. Unfortunately, that price tag also might have kept some from buying it: just under 400,000 3DS units were sold in its first week, about 100,000 units short of the original DS when it launched in November of 2004.

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Can Panasonic Survive the Video Game ‘Jungle’?

Seventeen years ago, Panasonic tried to break into the video game industry, lasting only three years before it was forced out. Now it’s ready to try again.

The company has unveiled the Jungle, a new handheld gaming system that will target players of online games. It’s a niche other companies have left wide open, but analysts—to put it kindly—are extremely skeptical about the company’s odds of success.


Can Nintendo get its mojo back?

Four years ago, Nintendo could do no wrong in the video game world. The Wii was beginning a triumphant run at retail, and the handheld DS unit had been flying off of store shelves for the past 24 months.

Publishers courted the company and competitors quickly learned their initial scoffing over the Wii’s less-than-eye-popping graphics and lack of a traditional controller was wildly off-base.


Angry Birds flies the coop

With over 50,000 games available on the iPhone, it’s hard to pinpoint a single one as the iconic title of the platform. If you were going to do so, though, “Angry Birds” would make a strong case for the crown. 

The title is addictive in its gameplay and is a regular presence in the Top selling app lists. Now, it’s expanding its reach to other platforms. Chillingo founder Joe Wee tells The Sun that the company is making versions of the game for the “Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and PS3.”

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