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I Feel Used: Used-games vs. Next-gen

You probably saw all the headlines that hit the internet in late January: “Next Xbox to prevent you from playing used games!” In terms of headlines, that’s a doozy. In terms of credibility, it’s unknown.… Continue reading

Does Transmedia Work?

In June, the Syfy Channel and THQ debuted “Red Faction: Origins,” a television movie that not only received decent reviews, but was also the test pilot for a potential series.  Days later, the… Continue reading

Hackers vs. Gamers

Given how fierce the console wars can get – and how loyal some users are to one brand – it’s not surprising there was a little bit of schadenfreude when Sony announced it… Continue reading

Buy now? Or save later?

When Dead Space 2 hit store shelves on January 25, it cost roughly $60 — no matter where you bought it. By mid-February, you could find it on sale at some big online… Continue reading

Bite-sized Gaming Heats Up

Long the domain of garage and independent developers, the iPhone is starting to lure over some of the more familiar names from the Xbox 360. They’re eager to see what they can do… Continue reading

2011: Microsoft’s Year of Mystery

After the busy holiday-season dust settled, a though occurred to us: we really don’t have a fleshed-out feel for what Microsoft has in store for us next year. Thing is, most gamers probably… Continue reading

Is Kinect the future of Xbox?

So now we know the name of Project Natal. Andnow we know the games. Kinect is on a collision course with retailers, and with it, Microsoft is making a big gamble on the… Continue reading

The 360’s big show

From the Cirque du Soleil-infused unveiling of Kinect to a solid game lineup for 2010-2011 to the unexpected announcement of a redesigned Xbox, Microsoft had no shortage of surprises at June’s E3 convention.… Continue reading