What Microsoft may be up to with the next Kinect

Microsoft kinectmay have led the charge in gesture and voice recognition in the home with Kinect, but the competition is coming fast.

And given the growth in this market—user interface is expected to top $25 billion by 2016, according to Visiongain—there’s no shortage of interest in what the company may announce at its Microsoft Build event in April, where the company is expected to focus in part on Kinect 2.0 for Windows.

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CES: Are TV viewers salivating for voice controls?

Voice variety-logocommand may seem like a natural evolution for television, given the popularity of Apple’s Siri on the iPhone. But is it ready for primetime?

Samsung’s ES8000 LED set, the company’s flagship “smart TV” model introduced at last year’s CES, can be turned on simply by talking to it. LG’s Magic Wand remote control uses gesture control. Even accessories like Google TV and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 videogame console let people search for programming by shouting at the devices.

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Voice Control: Next Big Thing in TV?

While the Consumer Electronics Show includes just about every type of gadget imaginable, the star of the show is almost always television.

Every year, manufacturers roll out their latest and greatest, touting a new technological advance they hope will resonate with consumers. But for the past few years, the reaction among shoppers has been more “ho hum” than “I gotta have it.”

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