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Ten Video Games to Watch This Holiday Season: E3

Video game publishers and developers have spent the better part of this week at E3 trying to wow the often-jaded gamer with new installments of favorite franchises, games they’ve never heard of before and plenty… Continue reading

Microsoft boss defends Xbox One price

Sony was E3’s big winner in large part because of the company’s decision to price the PlayStation 4 at $399, a full $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One. But the man in… Continue reading

Winners and Losers From E3

While the video game industry was optimistic going into E3, the investment community was a bit more skeptical. Certainly, the introduction of new consoles would give shares of the sector a boost, but… Continue reading

Nintendo CEO: ‘We Are to Blame’ for Poor Wii U Sales

While the Wii U hasn’t lived up to sales expectations and some important video game publishers have severely pulled back their support of the company, Nintendo’s global CEO isn’t looking to shift blame. Unlike many… Continue reading

E3: Scenes From the Video Game Circus

The video-game industry’s annual E3 trade show is much like a carnival. And to get a true sense of the barely controlled chaos, you need to look past the game booths and crowded show floor.… Continue reading

Ouya tries to crash E3, feuds with ESA

The main event at this year’s E3 may be the slugfest between Sony and Microsoft, but the undercard is pretty interesting, too. Ouya, the forthcoming Android-based console that raised millions on Kickstarter, has… Continue reading

5 gaming oddities from E3

There are a lot of really, really great games, hardware and accessories on display at E3 this year. Then there’s this stuff. Technology wasn’t exactly polite at this year’s show — both Sony… Continue reading

Sony Gets a Corporate Reboot at E3 Gaming Show

The PlayStation 4 represents more than just the next generation of gaming for Sony. It could be the flag bearer for the next generation of the 67-year-old company itself. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai (who formerly… Continue reading

Wargaming: The Biggest Game Publisher You’ve Never Heard Of

Ask a gamer—or an investor—in the U.S. to name the largest video game publishers and you’ll probably get a list of the usual suspects. Certainly, companies such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive Software and Ubisoft are worthy of… Continue reading

‘Call of Duty’ May Be Facing Its Biggest Battle

In the videogame world, there is no bigger behemoth than “Call of Duty.” For the past four years, the franchise has dominated the sales charts, outselling every other game. Last year’s “Black Ops… Continue reading