Microsoft to gamers: No internet? Buy a 360

Microsoft xbox_one_don_mattrick_31197seems to be making a habit out of shooting itself in the foot.

With gamers still smarting over the company’s $499 pricing announcement for the Xbox One, the head of the Xbox division has ruffled more feathers in addressing concerns about the system’s demand for a internet connection.

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Did Microsoft Blow the Xbox One Pricing?

Microsoft xbox onespent over an hour and a half showcasing the Xbox One and the many games that will launch with the new console—but only one moment made the entire crowd gasp.

Phil Spencer, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios, announced Monday that Microsoft’s next generation console would be available in November—at a price of $499. And almost immediately, the air went out of the room.


E3: Frequent Gamers Watch Less TV, Go to Fewer Movies

Video 920x515_singaporegames are beginning to have a more significant impact — both positive and negative — on other parts of the entertainment industry.

An annual study by the Entertainment Software Assn finds that time spent watching television and going to the movies are two of the areas people who are playing more games are most willing to sacrifice in lieu of interactive entertainment.

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Nintendo Puts Focus On Franchises At Pre-E3 Event

While pimkin-3Sony and Microsoft are positioning their consoles as all inclusive entertainment devices, at Nintendo – it’s all about the games.

The House that Mario Built focused on power franchises at an intimate pre-E3 media event, eschewing big announcements to focus on six games coming this holiday season and in 2014.

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Sony wins fans, regains cred at memorable E3 press conference

Game. sony-ps4-reactions-top630Set. Match?

Sony did something very un-Sony like at its E3 press conference this year: it went into ferocious attack mode, identifying every one of the Xbox One’s perceived weaknesses and exploiting them.

And in the process, it earned some new fans. Lots of them.

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2013’s Best Selling Games—So Far

While bestselling gamesvideo game sales totals have been anyone’s guess for the past few years, the rankings on the video game industry’s sales charts have been fairly predictable.

Megafranchises like “Call of Duty” and “Assassin’s Creed” have been at or near the top—with family friendly “Just Dance” not too far behind when the final rankings come in. And the midyear check typically doesn’t show a lot of divergence from that pattern.


EA Launches 11 New Games at E3 — but None for Nintendo

Electronic eaArts showed off 11 games at its annual pre-E3 press conference – but none, it appears, will appear on the Nintendo Wii U.

Reflecting the focus of this year’s show, EA instead spotlighted titles for the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, showcasing a pair of new graphics engines that are meant to showcase the graphical advances of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


E3: Vidgame Biz to Struggle for Relevance at Annual Tech Meet

For videogame_cablesmany companies, the next-generation consoles being shown off at E3 beginning June 11 can’t come fast enough.

While the back half of 2013 is expected to boast breakout hits, the first part of the year hasn’t been encouraging for the videogame industry. Retail sales are down 14%, falling nearly $500 million year over year through April.

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Sony takes aim at Microsoft with PlayStation 4 pricing, policies

The playstation4next generation isn’t going to be cheap — but it’s going to be cheaper on the PlayStation 4.

On the heels of Microsoft’s announcement that the Xbox One would be priced at $499, Sony has confirmed that the PS4 will cost $399, a full $100 less. It’s due out this holiday.

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