Online problems plague holiday gamers

“Ho eshop-online-problemsHo Ho!” turned into “No No No!” for tons of gamers over the Christmas holiday.

Several major online game networks experienced notable performance issues — and outright crashes — as a new influx of players jumped online.

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Nintendo details 2014 games, announces odd new Zelda

The nintendo-direct-warriors-zeldaWii U may not be getting tons of attention this holiday season, but that’s not stopping Nintendo from playing Santa Claus.

In a Nintendo Direct broadcast Wednesday, company president Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America chief Reggie Fils-Aime revealed a number of surprises and updates for both the Wii U and the 3DS — and even delivered some of them to players immediately.

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Wii Mini coming to U.S. later this month

The wii-mini-usWii may be winding down its life cycle, but the Wii Mini is just getting started.

Roughly a year after introducing the scaled-down version of the last generation console to Canada, Nintendo has announced plans to bring the Wii Mini to the U.S. in the coming weeks. Nintendo declined to give an exact release date, saying only “mid-November.”

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Nintendo drops Wii U price, unveils new handheld

Faced wii-u-price-dropwith miserable sales and looming competition, Nintendo has finally lowered the price of its next-generation console.

Effective September 20, the Wii U Deluxe Set will see its retail price drop $50 to $299.99. Nintendo also plans to include The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD with the system in a limited edition bundle.

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Critics are crazy for Pikmin 3, the Wii U’s best game

Pikmin pikmin-3-reviews-top3 is taking root with critics.

The oft-delayed, heavily-anticipated, uber-cute strategy title hit retail shelves this weekend in the U.S., and gamers — even the most jaded — are smitten.

The game currently boasts an 87 rating on Metacritic, making it one of the five best reviewed console games of 2013 and the highest rated title to come out for the Wii U thus far.

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Does Nintendo stand a chance this holiday?

Let’s nintendo woesget this out of the way up front. Yes, you never, ever count Nintendo out of the game.

That’s the go-to response for pretty much anyone in this industry when asked if the company will be able to dig itself out of the hole the Wii U has created – and it’s usually a valid one. (Think back to the GameCube days and things were just as dire as they seem today – but it managed to turn things around.)

But as we head into the Wii U’s second holiday season, the pessimism about the system is starting to crest. And despite Nintendo’s push of first party software coming in the next year, there’s nothing to suggest that a turnaround of any sort is imminent.


Nintendo CEO: ‘We Are to Blame’ for Poor Wii U Sales

While wii uthe Wii U hasn’t lived up to sales expectations and some important video game publishers have severely pulled back their support of the company, Nintendo’s global CEO isn’t looking to shift blame.

Unlike many executives who might obfuscate the issue with corporate doublespeak or finger-pointing, Satoru Iwata is blunt in his assessment of the company’s recent troubles.


EA Launches 11 New Games at E3 — but None for Nintendo

Electronic eaArts showed off 11 games at its annual pre-E3 press conference – but none, it appears, will appear on the Nintendo Wii U.

Reflecting the focus of this year’s show, EA instead spotlighted titles for the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, showcasing a pair of new graphics engines that are meant to showcase the graphical advances of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


E3: Vidgame Biz to Struggle for Relevance at Annual Tech Meet

For videogame_cablesmany companies, the next-generation consoles being shown off at E3 beginning June 11 can’t come fast enough.

While the back half of 2013 is expected to boast breakout hits, the first part of the year hasn’t been encouraging for the videogame industry. Retail sales are down 14%, falling nearly $500 million year over year through April.

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