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At Annual E3 Trade Show, Hoping for a Video Game Rebound

Will Santa come before Christmas this year? Game makers certainly hope so. As publishers and console makers in the video game industry gather in Los Angeles for E3, their annual trade show, sector players… Continue reading

Problems mounting for troubled Wii U

Nintendo has seen its share of rough patches over the years, but the past 12 months have been a doozy. After revolutionizing the video game industry with the Wii, the company’s follow-up console… Continue reading

EA distances itself from the Wii U

When EA recently announced it would not be making a version of this year’s Madden franchise for the Wii U, it quickly declared its relationship with Nintendo was still a strong one. That may… Continue reading

Nintendo’s getting a little desperate in attempts to sell Wii U

The Wii U’s not living up to Nintendo’s sales expectations, and that’s causing the company to get a bit…creative…with its marketing plans. Taking a cue from the viral marketing that works so well… Continue reading

Nintendo abandons E3 keynote

One of the tentpole events of E3 won’t be taking place this year. Nintendo shocked the gaming world late Wednesday by announcing that it has decided not to hold its annual E3 press… Continue reading

Nintendo has sold fewer than 400,000 Wii Us so far this year

If there was any remaining doubt that the Wii U has been struggling, Nintendo erased that in its latest earnings report. The company reported that in the past three months, it has sold just… Continue reading

5 things Sony and Microsoft can learn from the Wii U

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for Nintendo’s Wii U. It’s premature to call the system a flop, but it’s undoubtedly been a disappointment thus far. Nintendo’s new console system had a decent… Continue reading

Shockingly low Wii U sales point to a console in crisis

Nintendo has a problem on its hands. The Wii U, in its second full month of availability, sold a paltry 57,000 units in the U.S. according to data from The NPD Group. That’s… Continue reading

Wii U Sales Tanked in January, Should Investors Worry?

It’s much too early to dub Nintendo’s next-generation videogame system a failure, but it’s certainly off to a lousy start. The Wii U sold just 46,000 hardware units in January at brick and… Continue reading

Game industry off to slow start in 2013, Xbox 360 outselling Wii U

If you look at the raw numbers, it would appear that the video game industry halted its two-year sales decline in January — but numbers can be deceiving. Video game software sales were… Continue reading