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7 superstar tweens and teens you should know

While we’ve put together a pretty thorough list of the innovators, visionaries and agents of change we expect will have a big impact over the next 25 years, we weren’t content to stop… Continue reading

What preppers are doing about Ebola

The so-called prepper community has a long list of concerns—and for quite some time Ebola has been near the top of it. Experts, though, are split on whether the confirmation that the disease… Continue reading

Next from Hollywood? Tetris: The Motion Picture

Hollywood, which has been increasingly leaning on the video game world for story ideas, might be getting a bit desperate. Threshold Entertainment has announced plans to develop a feature film based on Tetris,… Continue reading

The man who made $50 million ditching Kickstarter

Ten million dollars for a watch? Not bad. $13.3 million for a cooler? Impressive. Still, the crowdfunding records set by Pebble and the Coolest Cooler pale when compared to the amount video-game developer… Continue reading

Rudy Giuliani to defend Activision in Manuel Noriega lawsuit

Activision-Blizzard has tapped America’s favorite mayor to help defend its “Call of Duty” franchise from former Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega. Bracewell Giuliani will represent the company in its defense against claims by the… Continue reading

The next Hollywood-produced blockbuster: A start-up

As technology and entertainment become more closely aligned, more big names in the film and television industries are launching Silicon Valley-like accelerators—short-term programs that include mentorship and education for start-ups—to get early looks… Continue reading

‘Minecraft’ deal could be key to Microsoft’s survival

“Minecraft” is the videogame world’s equivalent of lightning in a bottle—an indie gaming sensation that grew organically, eventually becoming one of the industry’s biggest franchises. It was a game that opened the doors… Continue reading

9 ways to sidestep Facebook’s rising ad rates

It’s not exactly a revelation that Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for business. Sixty-two percent of the 1,000 U.S. residents recently polled by G/O Digital say they visit Facebook to learn… Continue reading

How to turn a hobby into a career, without regrets

Not every entrepreneur wants to build a multimillion-dollar company. Some just want to live the dream of transforming a hobby into a career. It’s an idea that sounds great in theory: Take something… Continue reading

The global crowdfunding money machine

It’s no secret that crowdfunding is a fast-growing movement, but did you know its success leads back to the 2008 financial crisis? A report by the World Bank, issued late last year, credits… Continue reading