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Chair’s Donald Mustard on the Apple console threat

Three years ago, Donald Mustard and his team at Chair Entertainment first started working with the iPhone. And, as a lot of people did around that time, they began to speculate about its… Continue reading

Inside PS4’s new VR headset

Three months ago, Sony made a big splash at E3 touting the PlayStation 4 to the world. At the same time, though, it was already laying the groundwork for another notable consumer technology… Continue reading

Former Steam boss Jason Holtman lands at Microsoft

Jason Holtman, who spearheaded Valve’s Steam business for eight years before leaving the company in February, has a new job. The former lawyer has taken a job with Microsoft, with a focus on… Continue reading

Xbox One can still win the next console war

Chris Morris notes that “the embankment Microsoft faces is a lot smaller than it was a short time ago” Coming out of E3, the momentum for the next generation was clearly on Sony’s… Continue reading

Xbox One: Julie-Larson Green May Fit In Just Fine

Gamers – and the games media – hate the unknown. They thrive in a biosphere where leaks pre-announce major moves and no one is all that surprised when its made official. That’s what… Continue reading

Does Nintendo stand a chance this holiday?

Let’s get this out of the way up front. Yes, you never, ever count Nintendo out of the game. That’s the go-to response for pretty much anyone in this industry when asked if… Continue reading

Nintendo: Our digital sales are soaring

Last August, Nintendo began to more fully embrace digital distribution as a way to get games in people’s hands – a notable shift for a company that had previously stayed an arm’s distance… Continue reading

Xbox always-online: Maybe it’s not so terrible

Chris Morris explains that having a big company like Microsoft step up could make always-online more palatable for next-gen Will the next Xbox continue the reign of success Microsoft has seen this generation… Continue reading

EA’s hot seat: Who will be the next CEO?

Chris Morris examines six viable replacements for Riccitiello and handicaps the candidates As the shock begins to wear off over John Riccitiello’s sudden departure from EA, investors, staffers and gamers are starting to… Continue reading

PS4: What Sony needs to win next-gen

Columnist Chris Morris looks at opportunities and potential pitfalls for Sony in the upcoming console battle. In just under two weeks, we’ll know a lot more about the PlayStation 4 than we do… Continue reading