Universal joins iCloud service

One of the last studio holdouts for Apple’s iCloud service has joined the fold.

Films from Universal Pictures purchased via iTunes can now be re-downloaded through the tech company’s iCloud program. That leaves only Fox among major studios not participating — a stance that’s expected to end in the near future.

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Online entertainment bigger than gaming on Xbox 360

Microsoft’s invasion of the living room is going into overdrive.

Comcast’s Xfinity on-demand service, HBO Go and MLB.tv are now available through Xbox Live — and they’re arriving right as the console undergoes a major transition in how people use it.

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HBO Go headed to consoles

Time Warner’s ready to give HBO Go a bigger push.

CEO Jeff Bewkes, in an earnings call with analysts this morning, said the pay network’s TV Everywhere service would be expanding its footprint beyond smartphones and tablets – soon adding Internet connected televisions and video game consoles to its roster.

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Netflix, YouTube line up original content

While royalty rates may be the first thing you think of in the face-off between Hollywood’s major content creators and outlets such as Netflix and YouTube, there’s a much bigger battle brewing under the surface.

Online video, historically, has not been something that compares well with film or television. Production budgets, if they exist at all, are lower — and due to differences in the ad model, there hasn’t been a lot of incentive to create programming that’s on par with what the studios and networks regularly release.

That’s changing, though, with both Netflix and YouTube taking tentative steps into the original content business. And while both are just beginning to explore the field, the moves already have network and studio brass on high alert.

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HBO Go headed to iPad on May 2

HBO is teasing – if not outright announcing – its imminent arrival on the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.

The cabler has posted a YouTube video that shows its HBO Go streaming service running on a variety of tablets and phones, including Apple’s iconic brands. At the end, the HBO Go logo is shown with the date 5.2.11 shown underneath, presumably the mobile launch date for the service.

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Xbox 360 TV rumors resurface

Microsoft seems to be pressing forward with its plans to launch its own TV channel.

The company has reportedly held talks with several media companies about acquiring content for a pay-television subscription service that would stream through the Xbox 360 dashboard. The service, assuming it comes to pass, isn’t expected to launch for roughly one year.

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