Rock music’s new heroes: Lady Gaga and…big data?

The lady gagadigital world has done more than change the way music is delivered to fans. It has revolutionized how labels find new acts and position existing ones.

While the days of scouts stumbling across the next big artist in a darkened bar are not completely gone, they’re quickly being replaced by deep data mining. And agents and labels are increasingly leaning on social media to help guide a performer’s career.


10 surprising ways companies use your private info

Mention big data surprising usesbig data to the average person on the street and you’ll often get a yawn—or outrage. It’s an overarching term that generally brings one of two things to mind: the NSA’s PRISM project or automated suggestions at major e-commerce sites. Either way, the assumption is it’s not something that affects their day-to-day lives.

But there’s a lot more to big data than snooping and up-selling. And, as it becomes an increased part of business life, it’s having a bigger impact on everyday occurrences than you might realize.


Gloves come off in Apple vs. Amazon

Apple is certainly the biggest music/tech company around, but Amazon has been very clear in its intention to up the stakes in the fight with the company – and today, it threw a haymaker.

Amazon is offering a daily special for Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” offering the entire album as a digital download for 99 cents. That’s less than the cost of a single track on iTunes.

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App Review: Celebrity Bodyguard

While the premise of Celebrity Bodyguard has plenty of potential, the game itself falls flat. Hobbled with no real variety in gameplay, some corny take-offs on celebrity names (Lady Bla Bla? Really?) and less-than-stellar artwork, it gets old fast — really fast. Worse, there are only three faux-celebrities to guard, meaning even if you do find the caricatures funny, they still get old. And the muttered comments of your bodyguard protagonist do nothing to add to the game’s fun factor. (“I got a really good health plan” is more head-scratching than funny.) For 99 cents, you could do worse, but it’s so much easier to do better.

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Lady Gaga hits the virtual farm with — wait for it — GagaVille

Not content being the queen of social media, Lady Gaga is now taking her act to social gaming.

The iconic pop star has teamed with social games maker Zynga to create GagaVille, a newly created FarmVille farm which will give her little monsters the chance to hear unreleased songs from her forthcoming album, “Born This Way,” before anyone else.

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Game review: Dance Paradise

Dance games are quickly becoming the best titles of the Kinect crop, but Dance Paradise seems to forget that a lot of the players might have two left feet. It’s a fun game that gets a lot right, but many of the dance moves are complicated and confusing, especially for newcomers. The tutorial sets up the initial premise of the game, but doesn’t help you learn any of the advanced moves. If you’ve got rhythm, though, this might be a good game for you. It comes with a variety of game play modes and local multiplayer lets you play with a friend in the same room. (Multiplayer matches through Xbox Live are not supported.) The visuals, meanwhile, are good and the song collection is robust, ranging from Lady Gaga and Rihanna to Gloria Gaynor and Kool & the Gang. Onlookers will appreciate the music videos that play in the background, but players probably will be too focused on their next dance move to pay much attention.

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