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Betting big on Wii U, Ubisoft hopes people understand the console

Ubisoft SVP Tony Key believes in the potential of Nintendo’s innovative new Wii U. Problem is, he’s not totally sure if the general consumer really understands the console’s potential. With the exception of… Continue reading

Ubisoft sues The Black Eyed Peas

Ubisoft is laying a legal Boom Boom Pow on their highest profile musical partner. The publisher has filed a breach of contract suit against The Black Eyed Peas, saying the band failed to… Continue reading

Ubisoft’s Guillemot: New consoles are overdue

With the current console generation in the midst of its eighth year — and retail game sales sliding for the past seven months — there’s little argument that the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3… Continue reading

Ubisoft doubles down on dude aud

In the first 15 minutes of its annual pre-E3 press conference, Ubisoft had a surprise performance by Flo Rida, dancing girls and in-game footage of a topless woman being fondled. The message was… Continue reading

Facebook targets traditional gamers

Facebook games — whether they tie into larger entertainment properties or are island unto themselves — tend to have a formula. Make sure players can interact with their friends in some way. Don’t… Continue reading

Jade’s Empire: Ubisoft’s Raymond looks forward

Ubisoft Toronto managing director Jade Raymond has a lot to do in the next few months. Her studio is about to formally unveil the latest installment of the Splinter Cell franchise. She’s hiring employees for… Continue reading

Video games top Obama’s Christmas shopping list

He might be great at keeping state secrets, but when it comes to the holidays, Barack Obama does a pretty lousy job of maintaining gift-giving surprises. The President did a little Christmas shopping… Continue reading

Ubisoft’s Laurent Detoc On The Fight Against Innovation

[Ubisoft’s North American executive director Laurent Detoc talks with Gamasutra editor at large Chris Morris about Rocksmith‘s lukewarm reception, and says, “As much as [gamers] claim they want innovation, they don’t.”] Gamers, as a… Continue reading

NCIS gets the video game treatment

CBS’ hit procedural drama NCIS is making the leap to the video game world. Ubisoft and CBS Consumer Products today announced plans to create a title based on the show for the Xbox… Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations on PS3 includes first game for free

Heard the incessant praise about the Assassin’s Creed franchise, but still haven’t gotten around to playing the original game? For shame! The good news is you’ll soon be able to overcome this gaming… Continue reading