Review: Xbox One delivers solid gaming, buggy interface

Microsoft xbox-one-reviewwon a lot of praise this summer by quickly addressing gamer criticisms of the Xbox One after its June unveiling at the E3 game convention. Unfortunately, as the launch date approaches, it’s clear that the wide scope of the changes announced created a time crunch, leaving little time for the team to polish the console’s features.

The result is a system that often feels half-baked. While it’s easy to see where Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be, it’s not quite there yet.

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Whoops! Xbox One hits the street early

Technically, xbox-one-launch-datethe Xbox One isn’t supposed to go on sale for a week and a half, but a small handful of consumers managed to get their hands on one early.

Microsoft confirmed the online reports over this weekend, saying a shipping error by “a retail partner” resulted in a pleasant surprise for some fans who had pre-ordered the console. Most likely that partner was Target.

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Xbox One-80: Behind Microsoft’s multiple about-faces

Strategies xbox onefor video game console are typically planned years in advance, but the course has been anything but clear for the Xbox One. In the months since Microsoft introduced the next-generation system, the company has made four major policy reversals—and there’s no telling if it’s done yet.

At stake is Microsoft’s leadership position in the $70 billion video game industry. For the past 30 months, the Xbox 360 has topped console hardware sales, but Sony’s PlayStation 4 is resonating with gamers as the next generation looms. And investors are trying to determine whether the Xbox team is scrambling to catch up or is simply showing a willingness to preemptively respond to market feedback.


Xbox One: Julie-Larson Green May Fit In Just Fine

Gamers larson-green– and the games media – hate the unknown. They thrive in a biosphere where leaks pre-announce major moves and no one is all that surprised when its made official.

That’s what made Microsoft’s decision to replace Don Mattrick with Julie Larson-Green so frustrating for some. She was, to many, an unknown. And that quickly led some to question her qualifications, which eventually led to prophecies of doom for the Xbox in some forums.


Julie Larson-Green named new Xbox boss

Steve julie-larson-green-xbox-head-top630Ballmer’s massive overhaul of Microsoft’s executive office and business practices has cleared up the mystery of who will take over the Xbox division after the shocking departure of Don Mattrick.

The reorganization, announced Thursday, will put two long-time veterans of the company in charge of its console division, with different areas of focus.

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Microsoft to gamers: No internet? Buy a 360

Microsoft xbox_one_don_mattrick_31197seems to be making a habit out of shooting itself in the foot.

With gamers still smarting over the company’s $499 pricing announcement for the Xbox One, the head of the Xbox division has ruffled more feathers in addressing concerns about the system’s demand for a internet connection.

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Microsoft clarifies ‘always on’, used games fees and more for Xbox One

Ever xbox-onesince Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, the world’s been abuzz over conflicting information about whether you’d have to keep the console connected to the Internet, exactly how intrusive the new, improved Kinect would be, and the fate of used games.

With E3 2013 looming, Microsoft has finally given clearer answers to those questions — though they’re not going to make everyone happy.

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