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Transformers to roll out in online game

If Michael Bay’s interpretation of the Transformers (and the requisite gaming spin-offs that came with it) wasn’t quite your style, another option is on the way. Hasbro has tapped UK developer Jagex to… Continue reading

Publishers slash app prices for iPad 2 launch

As Apple ramps up the hype machine on the iPad 2, app publishers are hoping to ride the coattails to higher sales. Developers both small and large are slashing prices on popular apps… Continue reading

Game hardware sales soar in February

Gamers went on a buying spree in February, shocking analysts and rocketing the video games industry into positive sales territory for the first time in over two years. Buoyed by an unexpected 10… Continue reading

Homefront turns political fears into potential hit

It’s already been a busy year for shooters, but publisher THQ thinks they found the formula for first-person success in the upcoming — and somewhat controversial — Homefront. Due out March 15 for… Continue reading

Xbox scammers bilk Microsoft for $1.2 million

That long string of numbers and letters you have to type in when redeeming a Microsoft Points card might seem random, but a group of hackers recently discovered it wasn’t. Today, Microsoft is… Continue reading

Sony brings cloud storage to the PS3

Since introducing the PlayStation Plus subscription service at E3 last June, Sony has struggled to give PS3 owners a compelling reason to sign up. But the latest addition to the feature just might… Continue reading

New Tomb Raider movie in the works

Lara Croft is on her way back to the big screen. GK Films, the Hollywood production studio behind “Rango” and the Angelina Jolie vehicle “The Tourist,” has acquired the film rights to the… Continue reading

Harrison Ford, Angry Birds head to Facebook

Indiana Jones is ready to socialize. Harrison Ford has teamed up with a new L.A. game studio and Conservation International to launch the Facebook game Ecotopia, a free-to-play city building game with a… Continue reading

Next up from Halo makers: An online world

After ten years of creating and exploring the Halo universe, ace developer Bungie Entertainment is ready to build a new world — and it’s apparently going to be a mighty big one. The… Continue reading

PlayStation motion controller Moves beyond video games

Within days of its retail release, hackers were already finding some innovative ways to use Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller. Now they’re going to get their chance with the PlayStation Move. Sony has announced plans… Continue reading