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Dragon’s Lair creator returns to video games

It has been 28 years since Don Bluth made a video game, but the film and gaming legend is ready to hit “play” once more. Bluth is teaming with Square One Games for… Continue reading

Nintendo adds Netflix, Super Mario to 3DS

Nintendo is expanding the multimedia functions of the 3DS — and bringing a familiar face to the platform. The company announced that it is working on a new Super Mario game for its… Continue reading

Panasonic cancels the ‘Jungle’

Panasonic finally saw the Jungle for the trees. The consumer electronics company has abandoned its plans to create a handheld gaming device – which was codenamed ‘Jungle’ – that would have focused on… Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS sells out in Japan

Nintendo’s latest handheld is a hit in its home country. A big hit. The Nintendo 3DS went on sale Saturday in Japan and has already virtually sold out throughout most the country, with more… Continue reading

Sony drops PSP price to $130

With its next generation portable system looming, Sony is giving the PSP one last moment in the spotlight. Effective this Sunday, the company will cut the retail price of its portable gaming system by… Continue reading

FTC plans to review in-app purchases

It’s not often that the Smurfs can trigger an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. Amid stories of parents being shocked to see their children inadvertently racking up huge bills while innocently playing apps like Smurfs’… Continue reading

Gears of War 3 to hit shelves Sept. 20

September is shaping up to be a bullet-ridden month for the video game industry — with three of the year’s most anticipated shooter games scheduled to land at retail. Microsoft announced Wednesday that… Continue reading

GDC 2011: What to expect

In terms of big splashes, the Game Developer Conference generally pales in comparison to E3. But even though it might lack a circus atmosphere and onslaught of new product announcements, that doesn’t mean… Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS to launch with 18 games

If you’re planning to pick up a Nintendo 3DS when it goes on sale March 27, you’ll have a solid 18 games to choose from for your starter collection — but they’re going… Continue reading

Will Killzone 3 ignite 3D gaming?

3D hasn’t exactly taken the gaming world by storm so far, but that’s not stopping Sony from giving the technology another big push. Killzone 3, due out this week, is the latest installment… Continue reading