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Are games headed to Apple TV?

While it’s one of the larger players in the mobile gaming space, Apple’s success when it comes to video games has basically been a happy accident. New online reports, however, show that Steve… Continue reading

Trivia titan You Don’t Know Jack…is back

The mid-1990s was a golden era for video games, giving birth to classics like Tomb Raider, Pokemon and Half-Life. But as developers began to steer titles in a more serious direction, there was… Continue reading

Violent game classics make a comeback

When action video games hit their first golden age in the early 1990s, concepts like “stealth” and “consequences” weren’t even a glimmer in developer’s eyes. The focus was on over-the-top carnage. The premise:… Continue reading

EA adapting Dead Space 2 for disabled players

While the year’s barely underway, Dead Space 2 is already standing out as one of the must-have titles for 2011. But some players, like Gareth Garratt, have found themselves left out of the action. Garratt,… Continue reading

Sony, Nintendo, and Apple: Battle of the next-gen handhelds

If this were a typical video game console cycle, the talk these days would be about things like the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Us (or whatever they had decided to call their… Continue reading

When will YOU get to see the Nintendo 3DS?

It’s no secret that Nintendo is trying to shake up the gaming world with the 3DS — and if history is any indication, it’s probably going to have plenty of initial success. Gamers… Continue reading

Pac-Attack: The desecration of a gaming legend

It’s rough being a video game icon in the transmedia age. With titles like “Red Faction” and “Halo” starting to expand beyond their gaming roots into novels and television, some of the rights… Continue reading

The fine line between game enthusiast and addict

David Webb is a core gamer – an enthusiast who has a passion for story-driven role-playing games. He’s also a person who knows how completely those games can take over his life. He… Continue reading

New game systems being built into your TV

A slumbering giant appears to be stirring in the video game industry — and that could be bad news for Microsoft and Sony. After quietly sitting on the sidelines for the entire console… Continue reading

Here’s what to do with those game gifts you don’t want

One of the problems with being a gamer during the holidays is you get a lot of duplicates of games you already own – or, worse, a collection of titles you never wanted… Continue reading