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Real life love story becomes video game

Video game designers generally don’t look to their grandparents for inspiration when they’re putting together a game, but for Cara Ely, there really wasn’t a better choice. As creative director at I-Play games… Continue reading

New game bridges the 28-year gap between Tron films

When Hollywood takes a few extra years before it gets around to making a sequel to a film, it often provides some sort of bridge for the audience. Some movies rely on books.… Continue reading

Tomb Raider to get rebooted…again

Lara Croft is, in some ways, the gaming equivalent of the Mustang. At her core, she rarely changes, but that doesn’t stop fans from getting all worked up when she gets a new… Continue reading

Video game champs share over $700,000 in prizes

While professional video gamers may still struggle to be thought of as athletes by the general public, they’re starting to see paydays that are on par with some of today’s sports stars. Major… Continue reading

Game over for online cheaters

It happens in every game – whether it’s Monopoly, pro football or “Halo: Reach”. Inevitably, some hyper-competitive jerk tries to rig the game, ratcheting up his victory count by illicit means. It’s particularly bothersome… Continue reading

The great video game sales mystery

If you want to know how much money your favorite movie earned at the box office, it’s pretty easy to find out — just look at USA Today or head online. Curious about how… Continue reading

As new motion controls arrive, will the Wii become obsolete?

For the past four years, Nintendo has the market to itself when it comes to motion control gaming. That’s finally coming to an end – and it has some people wondering about how… Continue reading

Inception: The video game?

Christopher Nolan might have the Midas touch when it comes to making movies, but he hasn’t had a lot of luck in the videogame arena. But that’s not dissuading the writer / director /… Continue reading

Why Halo: Reach’s success could be bad news for business

So now it’s official: Microsoft’s first-person behemoth Halo: Reach is the year’s biggest entertainment event,generating $200 million in sales in just 24 hours in the United States alone. That’s two-thirds of what Call… Continue reading

Study: Video game ads boost real world sales

While ads in video games may not be popular, they are effective. A new study by Nielsen finds that targeted advertising can result in a substantial increase in sales – and that could… Continue reading