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The bully you don’t believe exists: Your own kid

Professional football players do it. White House officials probably come closer than they should to doing it. But could your “sweet” kid also be involved? Or, even more heartbreaking, be a victim? The digital world has… Continue reading

10 strangest data findings you need to know

While big data is fast becoming an essential tool for businesses and marketers, it can still be hard for the average consumer to grasp. Faced with dense data sets and jargon-like “Hadoop,” people’s attentions tend… Continue reading

My Status, Myself

While oversharing on Facebook is nothing new, we might be giving a lot more information than we realize in our posts. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania recently did a deep dive into Facebook… Continue reading

Following massive user drop, Zynga folds its gambling plans

New Zynga CEO Don Mattrick has a lot of work ahead of him. As the company continues to see users abandon its games at an alarming rate, it has reversed course on its… Continue reading

Is Facebook gaming dying?

Not too long ago, many people believed Facebook was the Next Big Thing in gaming. Developers debated it — sometimes ferociously — at conventions, while venture capitalists couldn’t fund the companies making those… Continue reading

Did EA Bust the Social Gaming Bubble?

When Electronic Arts bought social games maker Playfish for $300 million—plus a $100 million buyout—in 2009, it sent shock waves throughout the videogame industry. Spurred by growing speculation about the value of then-private Zynga, some… Continue reading

Farmville is coming soon to a television near you

If you thought the idea of an Angry Birds movie was ridiculous, how about a cartoon based on Farmville? Zynga’s long-in-the-tooth Facebook hit is being transformed into a half-hour animated series, and it… Continue reading

Zynga and Facebook: Are the naysayers wrong?

In this op-ed, Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris tries to figure out why investors are so down on what could be a good thing for Zynga. So Zynga and Facebook have agreed to see… Continue reading

America’s Radio News Network – Nov. 27, 2012

Every Thursday, I join Chris Salcedo and Rick Roberts on the mid-day edition of America’s Radio News Network to discuss trends and news in the technology and video game space. This week’s topics… Continue reading

Amazon launches a game studio

For years, Amazon has been a looming figure in the video game industry. On Monday, it finally pulled the trigger. The retail giant has launched a new division, called Amazon Game Studios, which… Continue reading