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Can Sony and Microsoft Replicate Wii’s Success?

Given the success Nintendo has had with the revolutionary controller for the Wii, it was really only a matter of time before Microsoft and Sony followed the same path. Both companies have spent millions… Continue reading

Video Game Sales Set to Plunge Once More

Despite the fact that 2010 has been front-loaded with a plethora of critically acclaimed titles, this is turning out to be an awful year for the video game industry. And it’s likely to… Continue reading

Where are the new consoles?

It has been a staple in the video game industry for generations now: roughly every five years, the major console manufacturers roll out new systems, packing graphics that are even more eye-popping and… Continue reading

Sony unveils PlayStation Move

Sony will jump into the motion sensing game this September. The company announced Tuesday at its E3 press conference that the PlayStation Move peripheral, in essence an enhanced version of the Nintendo Wii… Continue reading

This Year’s Video Game Summit: What to Expect

If the video game world were following its normal cycle, console makers would be revealing details of their next generation systems in less than two weeks. This cycle is anything but normal, though… Continue reading

Sony taking the Killzone franchise into 3D

It’s not news that Sony is leading the charge among consoles when it comes to3D, but until today the company hadn’t committed any of its titles to the technology. But with word that… Continue reading

More console price cuts may be coming this year, say analysts

Thinking about buying an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or even a Wii? You might want to wait a while longer. Game industry analysts say another round of price cuts could be on the way. On some… Continue reading

Disney signs up for Sony’s Move controller

So far, the only games we’ve heard about that will take advantage of Move, Sony’s motion sensor controller, have been internal studios. Now, Disney has joined the team.  Disney Interactive Studios plans to utilize… Continue reading

MLB Games to Stream Live on PS3

Major League Baseball is coming to the PlayStation3,but it has nothing to do with videogames. Sony and MLB Advanced Media have announced a deal that will see live games streamed live over the console effective… Continue reading