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Can PlayStation Move Survive?

A year or so before the Wii controller was unveiled, I had the chance to sit down with Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo. As I expect every other reporter did that… Continue reading

Can Nintendo get its mojo back?

Four years ago, Nintendo could do no wrong in the video game world. The Wii was beginning a triumphant run at retail, and the handheld DS unit had been flying off of store shelves… Continue reading

Opinion: PlayStation Move – Between A Rock And A Hard Place?

[As Sony’s PlayStation Move launches this weekend, Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris gathers his thoughts about the debut of the PS3’s motion control device, and the intuitiveness and needle-threading it requires to satisfy all… Continue reading

The PS3 becomes a 3D Blu-ray player

You have to give it to Sony. When they made the decision to join the 3D battlefield, they jumped in with both feet.  Starting Tuesday, Sept. 21, every PlayStation 3 on the market… Continue reading

Analysis: The Coming Battle – Game Console Makers Vs. Cable Companies

The relationship between console makers and cable companies can be a dicey one. Both compete for consumer eyeballs in the living room – and dip their toes in the other’s waters from time… Continue reading

Happy birthday PlayStation!

Fifteen years ago – on Sept. 9, 1995 – Sony changedthe course of the video game world.  This sounds like hyperbole – and maybe even the first line of a press release from… Continue reading

For Video Game Makers, Bad News Could Mean Changes

Video game publishers aren’t fooling themselves. They know August is going to be the latest in a string of awful months for the industry. Sales numbers will be released roughly two hours after… Continue reading

Apple Declares War on Nintendo, Sony Over Video Games

Apple might have shined its spotlight Wednesday on Apple TV and the new iPods, but at the same time, it had a clear message for the video game industry: We’re coming for you—and it’s… Continue reading

Apple revamps Apple TV, iPod and a whole lot more

Apple certainly wasn’t lacking for news at its press event today. We’ve got a story up on the front page of Variety, focusing on Apple TV, right now – and an analysis piece will… Continue reading

Sony’s Trojan Horse Sneaks up on Microsoft

Microsoft has known for a while that the trick to getting the Xbox 360 integrated into people’s living rooms is to load it with non-gaming features. It’s a strategy that was worked well… Continue reading