Sony files patent application to block used games

You sony-used-game-patentmight be a fan of buying used games, but Sony isn’t.

The company has filed a patent application for technology that would prevent video game consoles from playing used games. That, mixed with rumors about the next-generation systems banning used games, was enough to get gamers (and investors) panicking.

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I Feel Used: Used-games vs. Next-gen

You probably saw all the headlines that hit the internet in late January: “Next Xbox to prevent you from playing used games!”

In terms of headlines, that’s a doozy. In terms of credibility, it’s unknown. But in terms of business strategy? It’s incredibly risky.

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PlayStation Orbis and Next Xbox: Why Used Games Aren’t Going Away

Veteran journalist Chris Morris tackles six reasons why the next-gen systems won’t kill used gaming

There’s a lot of talk making the rounds these days about used games and the next generation.

The popular theory is the next Xbox or PlayStation 4/”Orbis” might altogether block people from playing previously owned games – something that has the core gamer base feeling a bit backstabbed. But the shock of seeing these reports seems to be causing those same people to lose perspective.

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Ubisoft fights used sales with online pass system

Add Ubisoft to the list of publishers who are throwing up barriers for buyers of used games.

The French publisher has unveiled a new system dubbed the Uplay Passport that will include a one-time code with each game, giving players access to locked content — including online multiplayer. Buyers of used copies will have to shell out $9.99 to utilize those features.

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Resident Evil game save system causing uproar

Like to try before you buy? Hope to save a few bucks by purchasing your games used? Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D may not be the game for you.

Saved games in the Nintendo 3DS title, which hits shelves Tuesday, can’t be erased. In other words, when your progress is saved, it’s there forever — even if you loan it to a friend or sell it to someone else. If you manage to beat the game, there is no way to get rid of your save file and play it again from scratch.

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Spring cleaning: Best games to sell

As winter begrudgingly surrenders to spring and you begin that annual task of cleaning out all the detritus that has accumulated in your closets over the past year, you might want to start with your game collection.

Everyone has a few favorites they’ll hang on to forever, whether for sentimental value or because they enjoy replaying them from time to time. But most video games simply gather dust — and while some of those games on your shelf might have limited value, others are in high demand.

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Interview: Tony Bartel On GameStop’s New Digital Strategy

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris talks with GameStop president Tony Bartel about its recent acquisitions and the company’s potential plans to build its own tablet computer.

After running relatively quiet on the digital front for a long period, GameStop came out with both guns blazing last week.

The surprise purchases of Stardock’s Impulse digital distribution service and streaming technology firm Spawn Labs put the company in direct competition with Steam and OnLive. And it’s just getting started.

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Target Looking for Piece of Used Video Game Market

Another big-box retailer is looking for a cut of the lucrative used video game market.

Target has kicked off a pilot program in Northern California allowing customers to trade in their used games, as well as old electronics devices, for store credit. By year’s end, the company plans to expand the program to 850 locations.


Are Weak Madden Sales Signaling Trouble in Gameland?

Try as it might, the video game industry just can’t catch a break this year.

Sales are down 8 percent year-to-date from 2009’s disappointing numbers. Even the most optimistic analysts are now saying that the best investors can hope for is a flat year. And this week has brought new signs that could indicate further weakness—specifically for Electronic Arts and game retailer GameStop.