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Feds renew interest in ban on drivers’ devices

As carmakers and consumer electronics companies find new ways to connect drivers to their gadgets, the National Transportation Safety Board is renewing a call to remove devices that do not relate to the… Continue reading

Redbox Instant keeps focus on movies

The looming public launch of Redbox Instant by Verizon appears to be an escalation of the war between Redbox and Netflix. But the streaming service plans to focus on movies, rather than a… Continue reading

Ultraviolet: Future hue of homevid?

After spending much of the past year educating consumers on the merits of UltraViolet, Hollywood is ready for the digital locker service to go mainstream in 2013. Launched by a consortium of more… Continue reading

CES: TV makers still bullish on OLED

OLED TVs have been touted as the next big thing in television for the past six years, when Sony rolled out the first prototype — an 11-inch set that sold for $2,500. To… Continue reading

CES: Sony Network Entertainment expands reach

While music streaming service Spotify commands the spotlight for its growth over the years, a giant looms in its shadow: Sony. As Sony rebrands its online offerings, Sony Network Entertainment could prove an… Continue reading

What’s next in TV tech?

With high-definition flat screens now firmly entrenched in living rooms and bedrooms around the globe, the world’s television manufacturers are already looking for the next big thing. 3D, so far, hasn’t really engaged… Continue reading

Paramount teams with Qualcomm for ‘Star Trek’ app

Paramount Pictures is going mobile as it ramps up promotion on “Star Trek Into Darkness.” The studio is teaming with Qualcomm to launch an app at the end of January that will let… Continue reading

Celebs boost Qualcomm’s CES first keynote

Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs faced a big challenge when he accepted the opening keynote position at CES this year. To date, only two people had taken the stage — Bill Gates and… Continue reading

The revolution will be television

While the remote control is certainly a big step up from the days of manually changing the channel, the technology is starting to feel a bit dated. Today’s televisions are like patients in… Continue reading

Hunting for big game: Consoles evolve into streaming platforms

The transition of videogame consoles into something more than just game machines started in 2000. Sony, in one of its most prescient moves, included a DVD player in the PlayStation 2 — at… Continue reading