Why GTA V’s delay could cause an industry-wide ripple effect

So gtavRockstar delayed another game. Is anyone really, truly surprised by that?

In my nearly 20 years covering video games, Take-Two’s crown jewel has missed more initial deadlines than I can count, but that hasn’t stopped them from knocking it out of the park more times than they’ve whiffed. This delay, though, could have a more notable impact on the industry than previous postponements.

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The Most Anticipated Videogames of 2013

With retail brick-and-mortar sales of new video games down 30 percent year to date, few analysts — and even fewer investors — have much faith that things will rebound into positive territory this year.

Even with heavyweights like “Halo 4” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” hitting stores this holiday season — and the launch of a new Nintendo console system — the hole seems too big to escape. But when it comes to 2013, things are a bit more optimistic.

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‘Jacked’ goes behind the scenes of gaming’s biggest scandal

It’s been seven years since the words “Hot Coffee” changed the video game world, but they still make developers wince.

The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mod, discovered by enthusiasts, unlocked a playable, interactive mini-game where the game’s lead character has sex with his girlfriend. And it opened a Pandora’s Box of controversy when it was exposed.

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Dan Houser On How Rockstar Does It

Rockstar Games co-founder and vice president of creative Dan Houser doesn’t spend a lot of time on the interview circuit, and you’ll almost never find him on a panel of industry experts. Instead, he prefers to let the company’s work do the talking.

In this rare interview, Houser outlines how the company makes its decisions — from booting Max Payne into the future to deciding not to give players much of a window into its games prior to their release. He also discusses lessons learned from Red Dead Redemption and the creative bible for the Grand Theft Auto series.

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Opinion: Rovio $1.2B Valuation Push Ruffles Some Feathers

[Is Rovio’s Angry Birds really more valuable than Grand Theft Auto? Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris argues that Rovio’s recent push for a $1.2 billion valuation is “somewhat ridiculous.”]

The absurdities of today’s venture capital market – and of investors hoping to ride those coattails to wealth – are multiplying at a staggering rate.

And the reported recent push by Angry Birds developer Rovio to seek funds that would value the company at $1.2 billion could indicate the bubble that has been building for some time in the tech space is reaching a dangerous size.

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Analysis: Does A Take-Two Takeover Make Sense?

[Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris discusses whether Take-Two Interactive would benefit from an acquisition at the moment, noting that anyone looking to buy will most likely “have to pony up a boatload of cash.”]

Here we go again.

With earnings becoming more dependable, another GTA game lurking in the shadows and key talent locked in for the next few years, it was only natural that talk of a Take-Two acquisition would resume. But today’s Take-Two isn’t the same company it was when EA came knocking on the door. And the takeover that once seemed a foregone conclusion in the gaming world is now a lot less certain.

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Should Activision Buy Take-Two?

The Wall Street rumor mill has been alive with chatter for the past couple of weeks about whether video game king of the hill Activision-Blizzard should buy Take-Two Interactive Software.

It’s a merger that makes sense on some levels—but is absolutely baffling on others.

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Time For a Second Look at Take-Two?

Take-Two didn’t just surpass analyst’s expectations for its fiscal fourth quarter yesterday; it crushed them. And in the process, it did something observers and investors have been hoping it could pull off for a decade: It turned an annual profit in a year with no new “Grand Theft Auto” in its catalog.

t’s a monumental achievement for a company that has been accused for years of being a one-trick pony. And it has investors wondering if the time has come to reconsider investing in Take-Two.

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Take-Two Interactive’s CEO steps down

Ben Feder, the CEO of the company behind “Grand Theft Auto,” “Bioshock” and “Red Dead Redemption” is calling it quits.

Feder has announced plans to resign his post at Take-Two Interactive Software on Jan. 1, 2011. Chairman Strauss Zelnick will assume his duties.

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App review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD

While Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD is absolutely not a game you want children to play, it’s a very good game for adult action fans. The world is lush and filled with interesting characters and has over 50 challenging missions. Like most GTA games, it’s filled with sidequests that extend the amount of playable hours considerably. An iPhone version of the game has been available for a while – but the graphics are notably better on the iPad version. This is, arguably, the best looking version of the game to date. (It has also been published for the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP.) Players can also use any iTunes music they have on the iPad as one of the in-game radio stations whenever they’re driving in the game. Even better, the iPad version does not charge extra for these features.

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